Distortion of the Constitution and reckless regard of the law!

It's past time we get back to basics and restore Country as it was meant to be!

To the Republicans(Conservatives): It is past time to stand up for righteousness and say enough is enough! Show the people you know how to fight the good fight regardless of opposition. Ask the public for a show of support and I think you will be surprised at the following of this movement.

To the Democrats:You are following a man blindly who is himself led by the extremists on the Left. I can only assume that you have had blinders on as anyone with common sense can see the destructive powers being unleashed on the United States.I will never support a President who apologizes for our Country before other Nations. He doesn't speak for me or many of the people I know. The news media is fickeled with him and overshadows all evil done by this administration.They push and push the limits of the people thinking we will just lay back and accept what they do, but I can tell you that the people are extremely close to saying enough abuse of power is enough!