Dissolve S.780 and R.1522 - Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act

to members of the united states congress
I am writing this petition to dissolve these two projects S.780 and H.R.1522 - Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act for the following reasons:
1. Puerto Rico is not prepared for a change in political status
2. The governor of Puerto Rico is not taking the priority of re-declining the economy nor does he have the focus to improve the quality of life of many citizens of the island.
3. The congressional delegates do not have enough experience in matters of how to handle the issue of political status.
4. The congressional delegates are not adopted to exercise this function since that delegation has a former governor who met after some political escalations on humanitarian aid after the passage of Hurricane Maria and the fund management and also additionally lied under oath during a hearing in the court on your residency status during elections to vote as a congressional delegate. the Puerto Rico Department of Justice did not carry out an adequate investigation into this indicent.
5. Also a former mayor after several years as she managed a town so badly that it was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Congress of the United States should open an investigation on these and dissolve this this delegation are already using public funds with the benefits of the New Progressive Party agenda or for the people of Puerto Rico
6.These congressional delegates did not have much support from the Puerto Rican people
7.Since day one, the governor of Puerto Rico has carried out this agenda for the congressional delegates, he has forgotten about the reconstruction of Puerto Rico, and is currently facing an energy crisis.