Dissolve HOA's Nationwide.

This petition is to dissolve all HOA's nationwide.

HOA's have long been taking advantage of the American people and their dream to own a home and make it their own to raise their families. HOA's have become dictators telling people when they can have friends over and what can be kept on their property. In these times where home sales are plummeting, homeowners are trying to do things to increase interest in their homes and an HOA is a turn off to new homebuyers. You may ask why? Because of all the rules. Such as you cannot keep your $250k motorhome or $35k boat in your own driveway. You have to put up a storage that has the same coloring as your home. People that buy expensive homes that are in an HOA are not keeping trash or broken down items in their yards. HOA's are just another way for more control over free Americans and they need to be dissolved.