Disabled children of NJ

June 9, 2009

To whom it may concern can you please address this matter. The families affected by autism and other disabilities would like a special opportunity to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment with the "Sensory Friendly Films" program. I was just reading an article about this program with AMC theaters in other states. I was hoping that their will be a way of bringing this to our state for our children with disabilities so they may have something to make their lives a little more joyful. This is what the article said....

"In order to provide a more accepting and comfortable setting for this unique audience, the movie auditoriums will have their lights brought up and the sound turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Additionally, audience members are welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing - in other words, AMC?s ?Silence is Golden®? policy will not be enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned."

Thank you for your time I hope you will be able to accommodate our NJ families of disabled children.

Sincerely Yours,