Dirty cps workers lieing about everything .

I am writing about wayne county cps and their court system beibg dirty as HELL tearing families apart instead of putting them back togather for instance they took my littke girl off sidewalk here in milton she stayed the night with a friend which was also walking with her they took her home milton p.D did took my baby i to cps custody and im still trying to get her back said i had her in an abandoned home which wasnt true said they picked her up off streets in huntington which was a lie they took her because there was no adult walking with her n her friend BULLSHIT AN NOW THEY ARE SAYING ALL THE LIES DONT MATTER BECAUSE I DO METHANPHEDEMINES WHICH WHEN THEY CALLED ME AND ASKED IF WE GIVE J A DRUGSCREEN AND IF U WAS TO FAIL IT WHAT WUD I FAIL IT FOR AND I TOLD THEM BUT ITS NOT LIKE IM A JUNKIE AND DID IT ALL THE TIME BUT ITS LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE AND NOW I DO WHAT THEY SAY AND ITS STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH THE JUDGE TOOK 6 OF MY BABIES BACK IN 2006 AND SPLIT THEM ALL UP NOW THIS LITTLE GURL I CAN NOT TAKE NOMKRE OF THEIR LIES N BULLSHIT HE HUMILIATED ME IN FRONT OF A FULL COURTROOM ANKUNCED TO WHOLE COURTROOM I HAD HEADLICE BECAUSE OF THAT NASTY ASS JAIL HE PUTS HUMANS IN ITS ALL UNCALLED FOR AND SOMEONE WHOMEVER IS ABOVE THESE DIRTY ASS PEOPLE NEED TL STEP UP AND LETS GET RID OF THEM AND GET SOMEONE THAT CARES IF THERE IS SUCH A HUMAN STILL AROUND THANK YOU AND ALL THAT YOU WILL DO .
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