DHS Is Militarizing Local Police to Create Federalized Law Enforcement Agencies

Local Police Are Being Consolidated Into A Federal Militarized Police Force

Everyone should be aware (by now) of police departments nationwide receiving military equipment such as armored vehicles and assault weapons.

It has been reported:

"Under the creation of the Unified Police Department (UPD) in Salt Lake City, Utah jurisdictions and municipalities previously controlled by the Salt Lake County Sheriff?s Office was reallocated to UPD. This became the new police department and eventually the standard for other police departments across the nation."

"The UPD dissolved the Sheriff?s Office and installed a completely compromised police force that was essentially a hired security firm that could be manipulated by federal agencies or acclimated into a national police force in the future."

"Two years ago Eric Cantor, Congressional Majority Leader, introduced a bill into the House of Representatives that encouraged private sector ?police companies? to replace law enforcement on the State and local level by coercing a new police protection insurance that would tack on a fee to citizens for the use of ?police protection?.

Cantor justified this move as justified for having citizens pay for the police to be called to scenes as a ?communal service? that is contractual just as any other service or good is paid for. As a customer, the citizen would tell 911 dispatch their insurance information for payment purposes to be billed after the police were deployed to the scene, or services were rendered.

Turning local police departments into private security firms that provide services to the public (and Revenue to Corporations) was the scheme behind privatizing law enforcement.

At the start of 2012, DHS issued a report entitled ?Homeland Security and Intelligence: Next Steps in Evolving the Mission?

Which basically states in part on how to redirect efforts of the federal government from International Terrorism toward Home-Grown "terrorists" and to form a DHS-controlled POLICE FORCE agency that would Control All Cities and Towns through the USE of local police departments.

What is even more troubling is the fact that Private Security Firms, such as Blackwater (whos operatives ILLEGALLY confiscated lawful civilian firearms during Katrina), and other CORPORATIONS have their operatives Masquerading as bonafide law enforcement through cities and towns across America.

Private security firms have replaced local police departments in states such as: Florida, Minnesota, California, Louisiana, and Massachusetts, who's employees wear badges, BUT they are not concerned with "Law And Order", as Corporate employees, their MAIN concern i