DFCS harming not helping

DFCS has my 3 n 1/2 week old baby. Now 5 weeks old. So little and in need of constant love, attention, and patience. Now with strangers that could have ill intentions. He is perfect and healthy emotionally and physically for now but at visits seemed super fussy and throwing up clear liquids. I don't know how these people can just take a baby when he was utterly safe and healthy.This is tearing his father and I apart every single day, and I'm very concerned about his emotional and physical well being with strangers. We waited all this time to meet our beautiful baby. And you just wouldn't believe the stress and agony we feel every min away from our baby with strangers for no good reason. Unbelievable. These people are liars! I signed a safety plan with an employee that we both signed agreeing I would have my 3 week old baby back. And was lied to. Employee Maria has lied about countless other things to keep him. One employee at Union county DFCS Rebecca mclain was just in the paper for shady and scary things she was doing with a baby she had taken in to "care" for. Please help. I want my baby home. He is not in the safest most loved place in the world untill he is home with his loving biological parents. Please! This is only causing damage emotionally to baby mom and dad. Please do a very throughout investigation of these crooked and awful fake people and how they are running the department at Union county DFCS. We are fighting for my little baby he was born healthy and happy and I want him to stay that way. Please don't overlook this. This department is not doing things at all by the book. And there needs to be consequences. These people think they can get away with anything and are above the law because this is a small town. Thank you.