Deport all who are here illegally

These are foreign invaders and do not comply with the rule of law

We do not have undocumented workers, they are illegal at best , there is no such thing as anchor babies,we don't separate families, illegals may take their children with them, to their home country. Fully fund the relevant existing agencies to remove illegals. Congress, you are our law makers, comply with the law you enacted, fully enforce any and all federal laws to remove illegals from our nation.

If states do not want to comply with federal laws in regards to deportation, do not fund them for any illegal's activity, which includes, housing, medical, education and, any or all federal funding. The states must stand alone with their decision and, must bear the burden of all financial cost.

DO NOT choke the court systems with grievance's, illegals must be deported first as citizens of another nation and shall not be afforded the rights of our nations citizenry..

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