Hello and thanks for taking some time to read the Title of my Petition! This is a question I hadn't put much thought into at all. I simply didn't think WE would ever split up, as 14 years is a long time considering I'm in my mid thirties! September 2020 came and the reality of my title became the reality of my Last name being entered in place of (Father). Let me explain with Dignity, Pride, and a sense of all do Respect to each and every Human Being : I intend no hard feelings, no judgement, no hatred, complete Honesty, integrity and a HEAVY HEAVY have my word and my word is all I can give at this point. I cannot go into detail and will Not speak names, ages, sex or anything to persuade you one way or another other that I am an American born Father of 3, product of the system (graduated from the Foster care System) some would call Success Story going to school for Criminal Justice, maintained a clean record ( couple traffic, public intox, nothing major at all), Zero DHS Involvement, very healthy children, educationally on track perfectly, extracurricular activity driven kids, Church going family (up until 2016ish), Children always accompanied by an adult, Vehicle always available, Class B CDL, Certified Police Reserve Officer for 3 years, Clean big house, Healthcare always provided, working for all we had and expecting NO handout type of family/person. Point here is that This family Demonstrated and was your "PosterChild" for what the American Family is and having a strong Desire to make sure my children maintain HONESTY, INTEGRITY and a sense of SELF PRIDE/RESPCT. Verbal arguments happened with my spouse for sure. Im sure the children had heard arguments and frustration demonstrated by both of us (THAT KIND OF JUST GOES WITH A RELATIONSHIP..... I honestly can say it was becoming unhealthy for the Marriage FOR SURE and somewhat for the the children although the children were often in complete separate rooms and I made it a point to exit the boys area if my ex would start making a scene! My children not one time and it can be looked at through all files involved but NOT ONE TIME WHITNESsED OR SEEN AN ACT OF VIOLENCE OR ANY VIOLENCE WHATSOEVER DEMONSTRATED VIA MYSELF other than the day before my arrest and throwing Doritos (YEP, THROWING NACHO CHEESE DORITOS) isn't really Violence, however it's not a kind thing to do! I will not get into detail about this situation but will say my middle child was in next room playing xbox, my youngest was upstairs taking a nap, and my oldest was at a sporting practice (not even home). Im not defending Domestic Abuse or trying to Justify actions however the scratch next to my Ex's eye was about half an inch to an inch in length and as wide as a cat scratch and had zero depth. My Ex Father in-law came to the house the evening of the "Chip Fight" however my ex was passed out on the floor from abusing percription Drugs YET AGAIN. I talked to him for about an hour and he left our home and went back to his home (30 mins away) KNOWING OF THE INCIDENT THAT HAD UNFOLDED and in fact sending a message to someone stating that " (myself) had gotten violent with his Kid (my ex) and now I had to deal with him". Our conversation went smooth and he left his kid (my ex) with myself and our children. Had it been SO BAD a police call would have been made then or even when he heard of the incident! Instead my ex (still messed up from ativan BADLY), falls down the stairs in front of all 3 children (I told to police and DHS this during questioning and also stated that my ex had texted someone the day before "I just took 10 pills "only the name of the medication was stated" (I told to police and DHS multiple times since), and that my Ex had also attempted to slap me but missed and put a mark across my eye (This is in the police report and noted that they could see the mark as it was noticeable however when asking my ex about it was told "I didnt do it, it must be self inflicted". My ex left the house the day of my arrest in September (after I had dropped of our 2 school aged children to school.) and went to the Fathers house for about 8 hours only to return to our house with some of My Ex's clothing set outside as I told my Ex that was enough of the Percription Abuse and to go get help! The father called police after asking myself to pick it up and bring it in.......I NOW WISH I WOULD HAVE however I refused to do so and the Police were called as a result......This led to Police noticing a faint mark and her story told, then my story told and ultimately myself being arrested for Domestic Abuse which is not true at all, and in fact the case is STILL TO THIS DAY PENDING and therefor I am Innocent until proven guilty! This explanation is just to get a grasp of the initial event that leads to MUCH BIGGER issues at hand. Once arrested there is a No Contact order in place for 15 days (ALWAYS THE CASE) and my Ex takes off with our Children. Once released from jail the next day Im no longer able to go to the family home, I turn in my weapons, and I try to make contact with my oldest child as he has a phone but to little avail as my Ex had taken them out of school and moved to a different town and did not let them talk to me but very very shortly and listened into by someone! DHS conducts an interview with my ex and children 6 days after the "supposed Domestic" in which the boys were released to my Ex even tho I had told them about the Percription Abuse with concrete images and an adult witness as well , plus my children even seeing her issues with the percription abuse and My oldest even talking about it during an interview". My ex was given 6 days to coach my children when they should have had 0 min, seconds or minutes until they were seen accordingly with no blemishes attached. It's clear they were coached via reading the assessment however not one time did anything said via my children effect their health, their safety or their emotional state. Everything claimed was via VERBALIZATION only and doesn't break the law or belittle my children. Nothing at all clarifies the immediate removal of my children from myself except for the Ex taking them and the beginning of a revengeful, hateful, zero self-respect, no respect for my children lying rant that has since costed me my children and quite frankly my rights as a Father. My Children have been introduced to at least 2 "b/f / g/f's" with the first being only 27 days after I was ripped away from them (This persons other half messaged me and told me this person cant be around their children let alone mine due to Injecting Meth and being sent to prison in 2017 for Meth related charges). I reported this to local law enforcement, my attorney at the time and to DHS. It was investigated only to have my ex claim if anything they should look into me for using drugs which was also stated in the initial Police Report only to be overlooked by DHS and never mentioned. My children were added onto the protective order on September 28th ish for ZERO REASON EVER GIVEN TO THIS DAY! I broke the No Contact order 2 days after initial arrest via texting my ex and trying to find out what was going on. I admitted to this as I have no intentions of lying. My kids are ripped away, my ex is all of a sudden gone, we had just went on a 3 week vacation to Arizona and California only 2 weeks prior to the incident and just a week before the "Chip Fight" was our anniversary with my ex posting fantastic social media about how great I am and how great of a Parent I am along with a personalized book that was all about me and the ex and how wonderful life is, BUT.... I now have no home so I'm basically Homeless and left with little to No money and to top it off was a holiday weekend so no attorney nor any form of legal representation mixed in with confusion and shock had gotten the best of me and I needed answers as everything seemed like a terrible dream gone wrong. Nothing threatening was said and nothing had to do with the children and most defiantly nothing was texted that threatened my children or my ex's safety with ZERO reason to believe so. My children were removed from the protective order only 10 days later as the Judge in the case "on the record" stated during the hearing to add them to the order that "I have to trust in DHS and will add the children temporarily with a court date being in 10 days so I can look at the file deeper". On the 10th day they were removed from the protective order as there was no reason for them to have been added to begin with. On the 15th of October (hearing date for the children to be removed from protective order) I had a brand new attorney convince me in a room for 1.5 hours to take on DHS voluntary services. I didn't want to do this seeing that the case was completely one sided (MAJORLY) but was told that if I do not volunteer my services I wont see my children! My life is my children therefor I accepted the voluntary services as told of me to do. Just 3 days later they slapped a patch drug test on me to my Delight as I HAD NOT USED SUBSTANCES OF ANY SORT for quite some time. But DHS was DHS and did what they wanted and about 15 days later it was taken off only to then hear "I GOT YA ON METH" from the investigator. I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK. I KNOW 100% I DIDN'T USE ANYTHING TO HAVE THAT RESULT COME BACK POSITIVE and the investigator saying "I GOT YA ON METH" made it even more obvious that I am involved in a situation in which there is no light in sight! I admitted in January and had done so way earlier however my Ex knew all about the issues of Substance usage all along which according to DHS standards makes my Ex just as accountable and at Fault as myself. I NEVER HAD USED SUBSTANCES IN OR AROUND MY CHILDREN. NEVER has that been stated or even said. As far as I'm aware my children haven't been tested for drugs in their hair or system and if So I'm sure it was negative results as I would have heard about positive results by now. MY CHILDREN NEVER WERE IN ANY IMMEDIATE DANGER! Once the "WAKE UP CALL OF MY LIFE" occurred which is MY CHILDREN TAKEN/KIDNAPPED from me I quite using all Substances.....PERIOD. I had a Drug test done on September 24th 2020 which was positive for THC NOTHING ELSE, have supplied a clean drug test in November for a job I was to get, and have supplied 6 clean drug tests through Substance Abuse Group classes all being administered by a Professional Councilor from May 4th up until present. I have been to 2 different Mental Health providers with 3 separate Evaluations completed and NONE claim I need medicine, or have any Mental Health issues with the first one being completed on October 20th of 2020 stating that all issues are basically from the situation at hand.....example "situational depression due to having kids gone from him" and the most recent one completed stating that "family concealing would be nice "meaning the children and myself" with no MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES OR CONCERNS. Substance Abuse I have had 2 separate providers due to the first provider not giving me Drug tests weekly like I HAD ASKED TO BE DONE AND WAS TOLD THAT WILL BE JUST FINE. I attended for a month and a half with ZERO tests administered and I would ask every time I had an appointment. I have no DRUG CHARGES, I HAVE NO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES PRIOR OR NOW, I HAVE SUPPLIED MORE CLEAN DRUG TESTS IN 1.5 MONTHS THAN DHS HAS EVEN ATTEMPTED TO ADMINISTER in 11 months yet the 3 that have been taken via DHS since September 2020 have all been POSITIVE FOR METH and nothing else. The most recent test (Sweat Patch) "results were not know until my court date just the other day" and not even filed to the Judge before court as the County Attorney stated that she didn't get to it even though the results were received via DHS the day prior to court and court did not occur until 11:30 the next day. 2 months ago was a Urine sample conducted via DHS in which the very next day I took a Drug test at Substance Abuse classes that was NEGATIVE ALL THE WAY AROUND but DHS test come back as POSITIVE for METH nothing else. With the supplied clean drug tests I had taken I asked DHS ,YET AGAIN, for more time with my Children and in an email to myself from DHS (i have the proof) the worker claimed that the "CLEAN DRUG TESTS COULD BE SOMEONE ELSE'S URINE AS NO-ONE MONITORS ME PEEING". THIS IS RIDICULOUS TO CLAIM as no-one monitors you pee when taken Via DHS either! This takes away all hope for success if all they are to claim is that when I supply clean tests they are "FAKE" but when DHS gets back positive test results then I'm Dirty NO MATTER WHAT...........i've never heard them tell me when they get back a positive test "I think that was someone else's urine, maybe next time use your own"......ITS NOT RIGHT ITS NOT JUST AND ITS MORALY AND LEGALY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. From what started as a "domestic abuse allegation" has turned into a DRUG conspiracy to continue and withhold my children from myself with DHS having almighty power to say and do as they wish, meanwhile supplying outright lies and coverups all way way around to either A) make my ex look good, or B) to make myself look bad! Each court date DHS gives a "Recommendations" list to the courts and 10/10 times those recommendations are honored by the courts (unless it's a minor adjustment). I knew nothing of these (recommendations) until my present attorney sent me one and I said (WHAT THE HELL IS THIS) as it was tattooed with white lies and outright deceit and deception. I took the stand of the Contested Adjudication hearing knowing nothing of any Recommendations via DHS and honestly very little about the case in general. My children have even been stripped of their ability to speak with a councilor as the One hand picked by my ex has had to recertify her license and therefor it's been 5 months of my children being able to TRULY and by truly I MEAN WITHOUT FEAR or RETALIATION they have been unable to voice or say how they feel and what they want! I do know when first sessions took place my children would emphasize on how much they missed me and how they wanted more time with me.I don't believe my children need counseling, however just attending at this point gives them a wider window of comfort and ability to say how they TRULY feel so long as DHS doesn't control that agency, which I truly fear could be a possibility as well. Police Officers wear Body Cams to show their innocence when dealing with individuals yet when it comes to our Children and what matters most to each and every American or Non-American the Individuals who "MONITOR AND REPORT THEIR FINDINGS TO THE COURT AKA DHS" they proceed with having little to no proof of what they say or claim except their vocal cords and an altered perception of Reality. Almighty trust is put into these people as to have NO TRUE EVIDENCE, NO IMAGES, NO RECORDINGS, NOTHING OF FACTUAL EVIDENCE PRESENTED AGAINST A FATHER OR MOTHER yet what they say to the courts and the COURTS (THE STATE) IS MADE TO AGREE WITH THE DHS (STATES) FACTUAL EVIDENCE WITH NO PROOF which in many cases the Children are taken from both parents and become victims of what has become an epidemic across this country known as HUMAN TRAFFICKING. My children have been adjudicated to be a part of the state at this time and adjudicated on both my ex and myself with the same adjudication terms which is "adjudication because the children may have hear/whitenessed to much arguing "and they also founded a report against me for NEGLECT because of the initial arrest of Domestic Violence in early September which has not made it's way through the system to date, which once again IM INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY which i see no way of me being Guilty of Domestic Abuse.........BUT THROUGH ALL OF THIS MY EX HAD ZERO FOUNDED REPORTS AGAINST HER. My drug useage was dropped during ajudication and I honestly believe it was dropped due to if it not dropped than my ex would also have to have the same charge, SO THE COVER UP REMAINS.....Even tho She abused percription medication, was the first to throw the chips as stated by a witness and said in the police report, and had clear knowledge of my prior Drug use Which btw has completely seized since my kids being ripped away, yet my ex had zero founded reports via DHS and myself having 2 founded WHICH IS COMPLETLY UNETHICAL AND UNJUST considering information given! Since this Case started I have went 10+ days with having ZERO knowledge of where my children are and if they are safe, I was unable to get ahold of them via phone or text, on at least 3 separate occasions of 10+ days after trying MULTIPLE MULTIPLE TIMES to reach them! When it would get to 10 days I would do a "Welfare Check" on my children as my concern for safety is and has been a MAJOR CONCERN. After the 3rd Welfare Check I was notified back in December that "Welfare" checks need to end and if it continues I would get harassment charges. I have documentation stating that phone calls are to be Mon, Wed and Fri from 8-830 pm which is RIDICULOUS in its self and another example of Abuse of Power, yet Since the start this has been honored ONE time! In 38 or so weeks of this case I the father of all 3 children HAVE TALKED TO MY CHILDREN AT ALL 3 SET TIMES ONCE. JUST ONE TIME WAS IT TRULY DONE. When mentioned to DHS I get no responses back! When told to my court appointed attorneys I'm told to just document everything but NOTHING CHANGES, This cannot be our Counties standards, beliefs or morals! I beg for more time with my children but to no avail, in fact the County Attorney send an email to an attorney of mine stating "I WOULDN'T WANT TO TALK TO HIM (REFERENCING MYSELF) EITHER AND IM NOT GOING TO MAKE THE KIDS TALK TO THEIR FATHER IF THEY DONT WANT TO, I WOULDN'T WANT TO TALK TO HIM IF I WERE THEM"........FIRST OFF they do want to talk to me but when they talk to me information gets leaked and truths get told as i've raised my children to be honest and we have a saying that goes like this...... HONESTY IS ALWAYS THE BEST can ask them....start out the sentence "HONESTY IS ALWAYS WHAT?....AND THEY WILL FINISH THE SENTENCE WITH "THE BEST POLICY") but my Ex and DHS both want as little talking to myself done as possible as thats lessons the chance of their lies to become uncovered! The DHS workers involved along with the County Attorney dislike my bold statements and COLD HARD FACTS! I believe Trust is earned but Respect comes second nature! It's just there and should be given at all times until you yourself are disrespected which at that point becomes betrayal and betrayal holds no friends/love/trust! SECOND one of my children is younger than 5 but older than 2 and has no voice, same goes for my middle child as he's not old enough to make his own decisions while my oldest....well were like best that statement is just another reason we need CHANGE! I have told DHS that my children were late to school 30 times, My ex attended ZERO school conferences, my children had been pulled out of school at least 5 times early to go to the ex's b/f / g/f's place across state lines, my children were left alone with the g/f / b/f s brother and my Children did not even know him and thats including his name, meanwhile my ex and the partner go out for dinner, my children have been left alone with my oldest watching the other 2 for 4 hours as my ex went to a friends house and my oldest has had zero babysitting classes, They were taken across state lines into Sioux Falls , SD multiple times during covid with Sioux Falls, SD being a hotspot with the label of (DO NOT TRAVEL TO THIS STATE) enforced by many different states (Iowa was not one) with a per capita chance of getting covid being 1:20 which is INSANE HIGH and I did not allow or want the risk to be allowed and in some cases had no idea they were even there, they were involved in zero extracurricular activities during the summer months, babysitters weekly in fact 4 in one week so my ex could go out with friends and one of the babysitters name was unknown to my children, my middle child telling me "dad, I felt sad today at school and when asking why was told it was the first time in my life I didn't bring Valentines to school", My oldest telling me (Dad, This is the first time in my life I didn't go out for baseball), Me cutting my kids hair during my monitored 2 hour visit on 3 seperate occassions because it doesnt get done with my ex, 2 seperate visits sleeping the entire visit occurred due to my children staying up the entire night or going to bed past 3 a.m. with images captured as I ONLY GET 2 HOURS A WEEK and expect to engage with my Children, Myself signing my kids up for swimming lessons, basketball camps and YMCA activities only to have none of them done (swimming lessons were free of charge and in the same town, basketball camp was to be paid by myself and same goes for a couple YMCA activities I wanted them involved in was to be paid by my self as well) and to top it off according to my oldest boy they Live VERY close to the YMCA, and until 2 days ago I could only attend away athletic events and my ex would attend Home sporting events. I disagreed with that idea from the start as I and my oldest are BIG sports fans and I had NEVER NOT ONE TIME MISSED AN EVENT, yet DHS continued to do as my ex wished which made me miss every event my middle child had as they were all in the town they moved to! It's a crying shame to be honest but at court the Judge met my children and my oldest said to the Judge "I LIKE IT WHEN MY DAD IS AT MY EVENTS IT GIVE ME AND MY FRIENDS MOTIVATION" and with the few events I was able to attend I had just met his Friends but they too I guess enjoyed my presence! The judge couldn't believe it and said that our children are a delight, well-mannered and it was a JOY to visit with them...AND THATS FACTS...... SO IT TOOK MY KIDS TALKING TO THE JUDGE which btw I had no say in or even knew they were going to talk to the Judge until my children were leaving our last visit as the Child at Liden stopped by, pulled them into a separate room and asked them if they would want to talk to the Judge and they both said sure and I hadn't seen them since. I have basically lost all parenting abilities in fact to the point of DHS having complete and utter authority over me as each and every court document reads that "DHS DISCRESSION" is what visitation and communication is based on. I have not one time had an increase in visitation due to DHS claiming I need to pass Drug Tests through DHS testing and nothing but DHS TESTING. IT HAS TO BE THROUGH DHS WHERE THEY ADMINISTER THE TEST, THEY SEND THE TEST IN AND THEY GET THE RESULTS BACK AND THEN SHARE THE RESULTS, and through that entire process IT'S DHS CONTROLLED......THIS IS NOT RIGHT, IT'S UNFAIR, AND IT'S COMPLETLY UNJUST. There is nothing they have against me, nothing I do wrong, nothing I can improve on even during visits as it's stated that the children and I have great times and even that the children Miss me and even noted by one worker "I have never seen such parenting and ability to give each child adequate attention as i did during that visit" and it's on the record! Even through the adversity my children have gone through and a grueling 11 months of seeing them for only 2 hrs a week and when voluntary services were dropped I didn't see them for that Month and half yet begged attorneys and asked DHS for help to see my children only to be told that DHS are the only ones who can transport the children to me! During that time only a complete one sided Founded report was against me via DHS but zero courts had happend yet still was unable to see my children simply because I dropped Voluntary services due to a complete FALSE FALSE FALSE DHS administered Drug Patch. I'm currently on my 4th court appointed attorney for my Juvenile case and on my 4th Court appointed Attorney for my Criminal Domestic Violence Case and in none of these cases have I been found Guilty of any misdoings as the system continues to drag out the Domestic case knowing that if that gets beaten or dropped then this entire Juvenile case simply shouldn't exist. DHS has not allowed me to have one single holiday with my children, in fact I dont even get any calls on Holidays. I have requested time and time again that I get more time with my children but remain at 2 hour monitored visits with my Children and the only people who can supervise the visits is DHS as they just stated on the record that they think my mother might "COVER THINGS UP" which is simply another OUTRAGEOUS JUDGEMENT considering my mother seen my children DAILY and watched our children so my ex could GO BACK TO COLLEGE AND GET A DEGREE and while I WORKED AND WENT BACK TO COLLEGE TO GET MY DEGREE the only person watching our children was MY MOTHER.....but now she's not good enough AND DHS DOES AS MY EX WISHES! The Judge has now stated twice ON THE RECORD " i have known (social worker BLA, and the other time was Attorney BLA) for many years and he/she is a good person in fact with the attorney it was stated (we are good friends)! JUSTICE NEEDS TO PERSUE and the Power that DHS takes advantage of daily with no-one to answer and very little if any FACTUAL beyond reasonable doubt evidence supplied to the courts needs to be revamped as it's being taken advantage of for Self-fulfillment, money, power and greed! Our Children are the Future and the lifeline of this great Country where Freedom is supposed to Prevail, yet these DHS workers give the System a bad name while tearing families apart and eliminating Parents or a Parent from their children based on "THEIR PERSONAL THOUGHT or JUDGEMENT". In cases that involve Child Support and Primary Care needing to be determined in almost all cases DHS is predetermining the decisions made by the District Court and in my case hides what my ex does and whats been reported to them and continues the infatuation with attempting to make me look like the bad guy and relying on DRUG TESTING as the barrier and only means of control to continue these ridiculous 2 hour monitored visits through DHS. Nothing makes social workers ALL MIGHTY as they are HUMAN BEINGS. No DHS employee had ever been born in "SOCIAL WORKER CAMPS WHERE ONLY THE SOCIAL WORK HERITAGE HAS BEEN AROUND. They are Human just like me and you only they put there name in for a position and happened to get selected after a very VAGUE selection process which in return gives the FULL REIGN OF POWER on families and Children. There are many bad bad apples in the agency, if you don't believe me look at DHS employee Disciplinary action as there are pages of BAD APPLES including sexual acts done to our children, covering of evidence, misrepresenting parents, forming relationships with clients, and even lying about Drug Tests. I know of no other Testing agency that tests "SWEAT PATCH" tests other than the one that DHS uses which is concerning to begin with. DHS doesn't send off 2 tests to two separate testing agencies for any of their tests done. The collector comes to your house, collects a sample then drives possibly hours around with that sample ALL ALONE until is put into the mail to go to DHS TESTING SITES and they all use the SAME COMPANY. They are those BAD APPLES that ruin all the GOOD APPLES who have had dedication to improving families and coaching parents who are young and don't understand parenting quite yet. We need DHS for the extreme cases. Cases of "actual CHILD ABUSE" warrant and demand DHS involvement, however the extra added involvement that needs reading the codebook 14 times before you can come up with a reason for involvement NEEDS TO END. How are you supposed to win a case and get your children when you have Judges hearing their friends story and then an INDIGENT American telling you their story? These close knit communities are to close. No defense attorney is willing to risk their reputation and friends and relationships with DHS for an INDIGENT who most likley wont pay you anyway as they are INDIGENT now and pry will be later expecially if they lose this case!!!!!! I ask for a deep looking into my case and the situation at hand. I wish information obtained to be used for the better good of our Country, Our State, Our Children and Parents who feel and know EXACTLY where i'm coming from. I feel like that guy that gets sent to Prison on charges he had no part of yet was found guilty and sent to Prison for years and years until the Miracle he was looking for actually happened and a member of our government looked at his case and technology proved him innocent. I pray for this to be MY Miracle as I feel Hopeless, scared, worried and confused yet continue on each and every single day with a very HEAVY HEART. It's bad enough ending our relationship of 14 years, It's bad enough to be alone, it's bad enough to have minimal family and no friends. Our visits go FANTASTIC EACH AND EVERY TIME, I hide my tears as early on it was stated by DHS that I'm happy one moment then the next I'm crying and thats Era-tic behavior signaling I must be using Meth, I'm hiding my pain with laughter and cant even bear to look at the clock yet at some point have to and we all say "wow, only 15 minutes left.....Or sometimes not even look at the clock and hear those EERY EERY words via the CFS Worker saying "Theres about 15 minutes left" I say, that 1 hr and 45 minutes sure did fly by" and my body starts to be weak and My Heart begins to sink as the ABSOLUTE WORST FEELING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD begins to take hold. Unable to say a real good-bye as I cant let my children know I'm hurting I try my hardest to to get that extra minute, unfortunately I simply cant hold my feelings anymore. The Pain is so REAL I shut the van door in mid sentence and rush into the house, DAMN Emotions got the best of me again. Looking around I see Spongebob is laying in the middle of the floor with a couple nerf guns laying next to him as spongebob was the cop and I was playing bad-guy, their towels are laying on the floor right along with a basketball and their trunks. The table isn't completely cleared and a half eaten hamburger has imprints of my youngest fingers etched in the humbugger bun and the PAIN BECOMES UNREAL! A pain you wouldn't understand unless you FELT IT. A pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy........ I have nothing to look forward to for at least another week, but I remind myself "My kids were just here" one foot in front of the other as your doing good.....I have covered up my feelings for a couple hours and had yet another fantastic time with with each child, As long as they think Dad's ok then they are just fine, I tell myself I get 2 more hours with them next week...................Oh how I wish it was Next week already.........