Department of Human Services Child Protective services in Iowa

DHS CPS rules and guidelines and lack of ability to follow the rules and their lack of education, involvement and expierences of determining if a child should be removed from a parent care or if a parent should loose parental right to a child forever. That all the necessary measures especially when dealing with addiction in one parent or another of a minor child. There lack of ability to understand a diesease and bringing no hope to families for the future. How a addict must feel after fighting day in and day out to stay sober to end up always being judged by there past from others who obviously lack having the knowledge and ability to fully understanding the diesease of addiction. Growing up I'm sure a addict didn't say when they were 7 when I grow up I want to be a addict. They wanted to be a Congress Man or Women, The President, a Judge, or a Fire Fighter they never thought for one minute when I grown up I want to be a drug addict. It is something that happens something changes in their brain that it no longer becomes a choice it become a want to a need for survival. With the proper care and treatment it can be fixed just like any other diesease out there with the proper treatment for the addicts dealing with the diease it can be treated. It's finding the best course of treatment for that addict to make it work. The diease swollows you up and spits you out before you even realize it. Destroying families restores no hope for any addicts future. They generally become lost for ever. From what the Bible promises me all I know is we are on this earth for a short time and God wants us to restore hope to give faith to trust in the him. Ask yourself this...just how is being judged by your past ever going to restore faith or bring hope to families. If you don't have a support system and your constantly being judged by your past how can anyone move forward with life. At what point do you stand up for yourself so you can be free of your own chains if your past. At what point do you have to be the change in the change to allow others to understand the diease of addiction! What CPS in Iowa is doing is the furthest thing from helping restore faith in today's families. At he end of the day all we truly have is a little hope and faith. God wants us to bring people home to him and how are we doing that by judging others for their past and destroying families. Enough is enough at least understand addiction and then you will truly be able to make a difference in the world. Be the change in the change and take a stand today.
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