Democrats, Stop "Abortion Extremism" & Include Pro Life Democrats into the Party!

The Democratic Party has, for decades, generally favored access to abortion for women. This started since Roe vs, Wade in 1973. Since the Supreme Court had ruled for Roe, an increasing number of Democrats, especially among political Leaders, many down-ballot politicians, activists, and voters have been increasingly favor abortion as a basic women's right. But pro-life Democrats who oppose abortion, have been welcome into the Party and allowed to fight for the unborn within the Party. However, over the past years, since around 2016, the Democratic Leadership has ruled that abortion should be "safe, legal, available during all nine months of pregnancy, to be paid for by the taxpayer. More and more pro-life Democrats for losing Primaries and pushed out of the Party. There are about 20 to 30 million estimated pro-life Democrats. We feel uncomfortable supporting the Democratic Party, though we agree with it on social justice issues. However, we do may not want to support Republicans. We feel like disenfranchised voters. To enhance appeal, electability and credibility with the public, which includes disaffected Republicans and Independents, Democrats need to include the pro-life wing of the Party as part of their conversation and service to the public. Let pro-life Democrats stay a vital part of the Party. End the abortion extremism that imposes litmus tests on all Democrats and pushes pro-life Democrats out of the Party.