Stop cps corruption on removal of children and falsifying documentations

Hi please look into Kern county Bakersfeild Ca cps system regarding the removal of children and falsifying documents and fake allegations and reports for the removal of children in Bakersfeild CA. I fall victim of lies deceat and involved with certain setups pertaining to the removal of my children.I am trying to get my petition signed to prevent cps from the removal of children from there families and especially when those families may not deserve to be interegated for the cause of money because of a blood type or nationality or the amount of kids u have .
Some parents just need special quidence and to be worked with not have there children ripped from there home for the money.I have seen so many children and teenagers suffer and been damaged as my children have been in cps custody over domestic violence and the system targets individuals as they see fit and want to manipulate our children's minds and falsley lieing on documents.Please look into other way of helping children and family's overcome real life struggles and what could be done to shut down cps with the removal of children and separating sibling groups.Give parents a choice to be parents because God is who gave us our seed not anyone else.I have 8 kids been battling cps and not have one soul listen when I completed all I was asked in 2014 I am a disabled mother who has had my family torn apart and my rights violated. Number one the rights to raising a child with a parent with a mentel processing disablity of understanding .Look uo the disability law act. Im also a parent victem if
Of domestic violence that I grew up with my whole life in relationships I was not taught different.No one listened and I'm wanting to create arweness to the world that this is a organization and form of legal kidnapping and making kids suffer with heartace and behaviors not their fault because of wanting there natural birth parents. Its not by choice of someone else to tell us how to raise a child especially with the ways of lying and making it always more about money then about what's best for the kids. Just another way for the government to make money on children with big families.

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