Demand Term Limits

Stop the abuse of power!

In the past four years ?We the People?, as your constituents, have made numerous requests of our Senate. When we realized that our elected leaders were ignoring ?We the People?, those requests eventually became demands- only to be ignored yet again.

The audacity of your elitist behavior has lead ?We the People? to question your authority. You seem to have forgotten that you represent ?We the people?, the ones who voted you into office. To put it in simple terms- We the People no longer trust YOU! Your only concern seems to be insuring YOUR OWN place among those Socialist/Marxist elite!

We fear the dictatorship that is slowly cloaking America in a dark ominous cloud. There is a general feeling of distrust and absolute angst among your constituents over the lack of Constitutional decision making. You have been reckless with our future!

You are making Unconstitutional decisions regarding our Freedoms, our government is involved in illegal gun running, arming illegals and the Muslim brotherhood, yet you would disarm the citizens of the United States, who were given the right to arm themselves particularly against the very type of runaway Government you have now become.

You continue to place the financial burden of your out of control spending on the children of tomorrow, borrowing from tomorrow?s nonexistent reservoir of funds. All the while illegal immigrants and others who have become so addicted to entitlements- treat sucking off the Government teat as though it was an earned paycheck. How much do you think you can wring out of a dollar? We can no longer supply your demand!

You have turned into gun grabbing, constitution breaking bullies and you hold Our Social Security (forced payroll deduction for retirement) and our Medicare over our heads- as though you had any right to that money!

We see great men and woman in Washington DC who still attempt uphold the Constitution and we watch these men and woman get ?thrown under the bus? time and again for trying to do the right thing and stand with ?We the People?. Unfortunately, the power hungry elitists now outnumber decent people who went to DC to speak for ?We the people?.

We can clearly see the chosen path and we believe that path leads to a Marxist type Dictatorship.The only way to stop this overall assignation of our Freedom is to limit your powers. Of course we realize we are asking the very people we have come to distrust to limit their own power- however honest constitutional leaders would demand these same limits, knowing that psychologically speaking The Power goes to your head! Which are you?

Are you an honest politician? Do you stand with "We the People" or will your legacy be the demise of the very country you are supposed to defend? You know what is coming, will you protect us? or will you stand with the elite?

There must be Term Limits! It has become obvious that the longer you are in office- the greater the distance from your constituents? requests bec