Demand for Public apology to Tea Party Candidates and members

Ban Public Threats and Name Calling behavior toward Conservatives

Dear Sir or Madame,

We have come before our Congress many times these past three years with very little satisfaction. We will no longer tolerate your continued deaf ear. We demand that you act on this petition.

I am a babyboomer, I represent the largest generation in America and this degradation of America has happened on my watch, you need to know I feel responsible and when I feel responsible, because I have ethics, I live to make this right.

Liberals Must Stop Campaigns to Intimidate Conservatives!

You are instigating violent behavior!

Tea Party Zombies Must Die- a new violent video game the liberals latest threatening propaganda! This new Liberal Video Game is ludicrous! It advocates and shows the bloody slaughter of Conservative Candidates! This is very threatening! You know that statistically this incites violence! This must be removed from the internet immediately!


False Racist Statements to instigate class warfare - Open Public Threats! Black Panthers!

The Sept 17th planned Day of Rage by your Union Thugs!

Our Government must not condone this continued behavior of Open Public Displays of Unethical Behavior!


MIAMI ? African American congressman Andre Carson from Indiana had harsh words for the Tea Party at a recent Congressional Black Caucus event in Miami.

He compared the Tea Party movement to the efforts of Jim Crow and directly addressed members of congress affiliated with the movement.

?This is the effort that we?re seeing of Jim Crow,? Carson said. ?Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens.?

?Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me ? hanging on a tree.


Recently Teamsters' Jimmy Hoffa Calls for a War against Tea Party at an Obama Event: "Let's Take These Sons of Bitches Out"


Conservatives should not have to fear liberals or union thugs!

We the People Demand an Open Apology to the Tea Party members and Conservative Candidates. This behavior is absolutely Deplorable and Reprehensible.

It is time Liberals take responsibility for the direction Americas youth has taken with their liberal examples. Liberals have taught our youth that it is OK to Lie (potus does it- it is actually in the news), it is OK to cheat (Atlanta?s public schools falsified student test results ), it is OK to be promiscuous and cheat (Clinton did it), it is OK to openly threaten people (Jimmy Hoffa jr.just did it), it is OK to incite angry mob behavior, this has gone way too far.

By our signature we beseech you to ban all open violent behavior toward Tea Party members and Candidates. You must become the leader you were voted to be, you must take a stance for American values.

We the People,