Demand proof of vaccination to work in medical institutions with children with cancer

The leadership of the medical center demands the government to pass a law that would guarantee for those who will work in the care of sick children and medical professions in the future to receive the necessary vaccinations. Vaccinations would be a kind of protection for patients, as well as an additional guarantee for caregivers. We believe that a child should not be put at risk by those who treat them.
The reality today is that, as of March 2020, many elderly citizens are actually under house arrest. This deprives the elderly of communication with their relaheld There is virtually no human contact with loved ones. Nursing staff have to sacrifice themselves. They are forced to either help people or quit their jobs, that is, not work in their main profession. Children's mental health must come first. Now their health is being balanced with the risk of contracting a new coronavirus infection. As a result, little ones are forced to be at risk by their caregivers and those who treat them. Workers in medical facilities where sick children are located must be vaccinated first.