Defund the United Nations, End Agenda 21

To retain America?s Independence from foreign dependence

Dear Sir or Madame,

We the People have presented many requests to our Congress in this past two years, some of which you have chosen to ignore. You were voted into office to act FOR the people of the United States, NOT to make decisions independent of our desires.

We respectfully Demand that you De-fund and remove the United Nations from any governing position in the United States, including but not limited to Agenda 21, and ICLEI.

Our Independence is the very foundation that makes America a great and proud Nation. We cannot allow America to become a party to global governance, lest we lose that Independence. The United States will then become like any other country, lacking the Freedom of Choice which make us unique and which our Founding Fathers fought and gave their lives for.

The implementation of Agenda 21 in the United States will not only destroy our independence, but will remove all Freedom of Choice, as every aspect of our lives will be governed by an outside entity who does not have America?s best interests at heart. The very idea that Americans would be governed by an outside entity is absolutely appalling and unacceptable.

We will not be herded into a state of socialized "sustainable development"; we will not stand idly by and watch as America?s Freedoms become the property of the United Nations.

By our signature, We beseech you to act upon this Demand.