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I am writing to encourage you to defund NPR.<br />
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Our government is spending too much money as it is. It's time to start making cuts, and one of the first things to go should be NPR. National Public Radio's recent firing of Juan Williams as a news analyst demonstrates how partisan this supposedly "objective" media outlet has become. George Soros, founder and sponsor of, has recently paid for NPR to hire 100 political reporters.<br />
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It would be okay for NPR to spread a radically left-wing message on their own dime, but it's not okay for them to do so using my tax dollars. Why should I be forced to pay for content antithetical to my views? If the federal funding they receive, both directly and through their affiliate stations, truly comprises such a small percentage of their total funding as NPR so often claims, they should hardly notice the change.<br />
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Oct 9th, 2017
Someone from Pittsfield, MA signed.
Sep 27th, 2017
Someone from Washington, DC writes:
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For the same reason that leftists would be furious if taxes funded something with the political slant of Fox News, I do not believe our country is stronger for a having a state-run media that is so clearly left-wing. The folks at NPR know their slant; they know they're constantly under threat, and all they'd have to do to stop that threat is become less partisan. But they can't help themselves. So we'll help them. Let the rich donors (many of them left-leaning corporations) keep bankrolling the NPR funding gap. NPR will rename themselves (since they'll no longer be Public), and they'll do just fine. Signed, a Moderate from Washington DC (we do exist)
Sep 26th, 2017
Someone from Denver, CO writes:
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Denver, CO. Agreed, NPR has outlived it's legitimacy as a non-biased source of news and meaningful public discourse. While I'm politically moderate, i feel it is beyond inappropriate to still federally fund NPR, mainly because of the outrage it creates, which is something this nation needs to start to address in an open and honest manner. We need to start to promote honest and fair discourse and represent and listen to both sides equally, and to not do so has become a real national security threat. NPR has a tendancy to cherry pick interviewies, and anchors who lead conversations towards promoted concepts while avoiding uncomfortable ones that don't fit the liberal agenda. This delegitimizes, insults and outrages half of the US adult population, which is not a way to move forward and truly address the social and political ailments of the country, and the international community. NPR even just recently started a wine club as a source of income!!?? I think they are se lf-sustaining at this point... Are NPR's budgetary and salary expendatures and corporate/political/lobbyist donations made transparently public, to the nearest cent? They should be!!! PLUS, why does NPR always need to send reporters to cities all over the world, simply to describe their personal observations of streetscapes and sounds, only to follow up with bland content for about 30 seconds that could easily be reported identically from DC?? Those trips aren't cheap! That is just one example of how they unnecessarily waste taxpayer money to send their reporters on weeks-long assignments (vacations) to France or Germany or Isreal... Speaking of Isreal, there is a disproportionate number of jewish reporters, supporters and sicofants involved at NPR, like most if not all of today's media outlets, that predominantly support the Israeli/jewish-american political agendas, praise and promote american Jewish polititians/professionals/ artists/film makers/authors/tv shows/etc, and frame political and social discourse to their favor and to the specific and targeted disadvantage of muslims and white Americans. Everyone else is framed as either a bigot, white supremacist, an anti-semite, or a terrorist, simply for speeking their mind in response to these constant offenses. Domestic or otherwise.... Not to mention the CONSTANT pitting of black versus white... I personally enjoy and generally respect Most of PBS programing still, but NPR has simply strayed too far from its original civic purpose. Enough is enough.
Sep 3rd, 2017
Someone from Salem, OR writes:
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Please pass legislation to defund the left wing propaganda organization NPR.
Aug 24th, 2017
Terry W. from Winona, MS writes:
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If we conservatives can't agree on putting a stop to funding this God hating, country hating, race baiting, indoctrinating our children to be liberals, what the heck chance do we have at anything! Are you guys nuts! 15% of funding from taxpayer dollars.... That' Means 7 1/2% from conservatives! This isn't very hard boys! Unless your one of them? I'm getting ready to leave the Republican Party if we can even agree on something as clear and basis as this!
Aug 21st, 2017
K W. from Garland, TX writes:
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NPR is Not Public
Aug 14th, 2017
Someone from Chicago, IL signed.
Aug 6th, 2017
Someone from Georgetown, TX writes:
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You can tune in 20 times in a ten day period and you will be listening to a story about gays, blacks, trans, race relations or the plight of some animal like elephants , etc. NPR has an agenda. It is dispicible.
Jul 30th, 2017
Someone from Lewisberry, PA writes:
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NPR is no longer an objective political platform, charged with giving unbiased information. I object to giving taxpayer dollars to this slanted platform. They should go to DNC for their funding if that is the platform they are standing.
Jul 28th, 2017
Trevor W. from Batesburg, SC signed.
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