Defund NPR

It's time to defund NPR. Why should I be forced to pay for programming antithetical to my views?

I am writing to encourage you to defund NPR.

Our government is spending too much money as it is. It's time to start making cuts, and one of the first things to go should be NPR. National Public Radio's recent firing of Juan Williams as a news analyst demonstrates how partisan this supposedly "objective" media outlet has become. George Soros, founder and sponsor of, has recently paid for NPR to hire 100 political reporters.

It would be okay for NPR to spread a radically left-wing message on their own dime, but it's not okay for them to do so using my tax dollars. Why should I be forced to pay for content antithetical to my views? If the federal funding they receive, both directly and through their affiliate stations, truly comprises such a small percentage of their total funding as NPR so often claims, they should hardly notice the change.