Defund Dept of Education

On June 30, 2023: In a highly anticipated decision, the Supreme Court on Friday struck down President Biden's unconstitutional plan to forgive some or all federal student loan debt for tens of millions of Americans.

By a 6-to-3 vote on ideological lines, the high court ruled that federal law does not authorize the Department of Education to cancel such student loan debt.

However Biden pushed back and on Sept 30 More than 800,000 borrowers with $39 billion in federal student loans will get their debt forgiven, the Biden administration said on Friday.

The Department of Education said it will begin notifying borrowers today about the automatic discharge of their debt, which will occur in the next few weeks.

Why is the Dept of Education forgiving student debt when it was ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court???? Biden administration has been violating the US Constitution since he was VP and now president and no consequences for violating his oath of office. WHY???

Now, guess who get s to pay for the $40 billion , who usually pays his bills---The American taxpayer.

The Dept of Education needs to inform all students to go find a job and pay your bills and debt forgiveness has been cancelled.

Congress needs to act immediately and defund the Dept of Education and impeach the entire Biden administration for violating their oath of office and illegal use of funding.