Defund CPS

CPS, especially Los Angeles CPS, has descended into a corrupt child trafficking service where many children are removed from their parents kicking and screaming being severely emotionally traumatized when CPS social workers and attorneys defame parents with false allegations and make malicious prosecutions and obtain court orders by misleading the judges. Children are kept in the dark with court orders not to discuss the cases with them to protect these defamers from being exposed by the very ones whom they pretentiously claim to “represent” and “protect”. Judges also issue court orders that severely violate the Constitutional and Amendment rights of parents and children alike. Many children have no idea why they are separated from their parents because the attorneys who supposedly “represent” them keep them in the dark while they defame and maliciously prosecute their parents. If parents dare filing complaints with licensing boards or responsible government agencies, CPS attorneys and social workers threaten to keep the kids permanently away from parents and never close the cases by holding the kids, whom they pretentiously claim to “represent”, as hostages. Many children are thus emotionally traumatized for the rest of their lives being raised by foster parents, while both their parents and they both yearn to be reconciled. CPS has severely violated its mission statement of advocating for families and protecting children and should be investigated and defunded from having the monetary incentive to receive federal funding to place children in adoption. Please reunite the poor children, who suffer psychological abuse by CPS malicious prosecution of their parents, back to their parents. Please defend original families, not foster care or adoption. CPS, especially Los Angeles CPS, has descended into a child trafficking and adoption agency.