Defend Iranian Kurds

I write as a supporter of democracy in Iran and resident of your Congressional District to urge you to join in supporting the Iranian Kurds and the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan as the major Kurdish party in Iran.
During last week Iran`s government waged a multidimensional war on its own Kurds. From one side, on the morning of September 8, the Iranian regime executed three young Kurds who were prisoners of conscience. From the other side, the Iranian regime, using ballistic missiles, attacked the Kurdish Iranian refugee camps, which are located deep in the soil of Iraq. Iran also, for 7 consecutive days, shelled Iraqi Kurdistan.
When Zaniar Muradi and Loghman Muradi, who were members of one family, were executed this Saturday, they had already spent almost 10 years in jail under severe tortures and persecution to be forced to confess to crimes they had never committed. Ramin Hossein Panahi also was executed, the same morning, while he was on a hunger strike to protest the unjust, hasty, and with no due process sentence.
Iran`s attack on the Iranian Kurdish refugees and Iranian Kurdish political parties, who have been forced to exile in Iraqi Kurdistan, is a blatant violation of international laws and norms. During this attack at least 16 were killed and more than 40 were wounded. Unfortunately, the United States and international society has not yet shown a strong position in condemning this criminal and cowardly action of Iran.
This attack, if anything is, first of all, a message to the United States and its allies in the region that Iran has the full control of Iraq and they do whatever they want to do there. It is important that the democratic forces in the Middle East know that the USA is able to support its interests in the region. Without this reassurance, the future of Democratic forces and the future of those forces who are the closest friends of the USA and its allies will be in danger.
The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan has always played a pivotal role in bringing Iranian opposition groups together and Iran`s people see Kurds as true fighters of freedom and democracy in Iran. It is imperative that the US reassures the Iranian people that it will not leave one of the most democratic fractions of the opposition alone. Therefore, I speak for myself and many others in my community in asking the administration and Congress to be more vocal in supporting Iranian Kurds especially the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan which is the oldest and the largest Kurdish political party.