Death Penalty for Child Molesters

Sign this petition if you think child molesters should be senteced to death

Dear Sir or Madam:

Child molesters with DNA evidence with a child under 12 years old should be sentenced to death. Here is my petition from others that feel the same way. Thank you in your considerations of amending the child molestion laws. We need to protect are children from these monsters and us parents need to stand up for them! Here are the guidelines that should be used to consider to sentence the child molester to death in a reasonable amount of time.

? An adult over 21 years of age

? The victim under 12 years of age

? Inappropriate touching of the genital area or in a

sexual manner

? Actual sexual intercourse

? DNA evidence

? Repeat Offenders

This maybe a violation of their 8th Amendment but child molesters violate their victims 8th Amendment too. They kill them in a way, mentally and emotionally. Plus their innocence is stripped from them. That is cruel and unusual punishment too!