The legal grounds and procedures fornDCS to disrupt a family are not humane. They have no intentions on reunification. From the second the investigator steps foot in your door, their main goal is severance. I'm aware that some kids need to be removed from certain circumstances, but the number of severance that take place is ridiculous and honestly, do more harm than good. I have a child, who was severed, after I completed all requirements, completed a year in inpatient rehab and did every court ordered requirement, and some, just to have my kids severed anyways. They said , yes I did complete everything, however, they did not feel I could care for my children seeing that I was unmarried. They then had my lawyer make me aware of their intentions. They said that, if I signed my right over to trial, I could keep the child I was pregnant with, but if I went to trial they would take that child as well. My oldest daughter is in and out of psychiatric hospitals, all cause she said she would kill herself if she was not able to be with me. Tell me a child who was neglected who fight that hard to be with her mother. This has to stop, even if you do everything they say, they change the cause for placement and push towards severance regardless. This has to stop.