DCFS has My child hostage foster care

My name is Ronald . I had my home raided on a false accusations and slandererd my family and friends with disregard to what is happening right now I am still in trail stage of a Case of general neglect yet I have been charged with a273(a) And no domestic vilonce and abuse physical or emotional was found And no history of domestic vilonce and DCFS has written up a report that is based on false accusations against and the worker withheld evidence of the house at time saying that I sqauted no power and food all spoiled and I had a Bank note on the house and proof of water bill and electric bill regarding the alligations that were falsely stated in the report here it's a year later and then some My son is five years old and wants to come home unfortunately I no longer have a home for my family DCFS has separation of my wife and I. I have a section 8 housing voucher and DCFS has put me in a position to in losing everything and had me take my son off the list so I don't get fair housing and also my 14th amendment right was violated along with other rights this petition is that DCFS has My child as a hostige and My right as a parent is being trampled on I have not been convinced of charge and I am poor and a minority of the white race and I can't get a civil rights attorney or a attorney who has the power to bury these people and open up a investigation on DCFS of the antlope valley I should have had my son back along time ago both social workers have lied and manipulate deceved us and we the people that they have to preserve family is ssuffering I feel hopeless and Lost in my life DCFS has done nothing to help us out with this other than sperate my family and my son is in Foster Care until I get get a trial date I'm afraid that I will lose him for ever in the process of placement dependciy court is a fraudulent claim on genaral negelt I still have not been able to have My say thanks for your time and help ? father of Jessie D Ronald D.