DCF is Massachusetts is ruining families

Deaths Missing kids and a governor that doesn't care

We have had four kids die in massachusetts. To date DCF has "mispaced" 134 children in their system. More go missing every day. I was asked by a nurse if i felt safe and i said no. DCF came after me after the agent hit on my ex. I lost my son to the abuser. I haven't seen him since. This is what you let happen. DCF Massachusetts is a JOKE to the rest of the county. Now DCF is run by the head of Mass. Dot..transportation. As a mother of three Im sickened by the people you put in charge of our children. Good parents being hurt becasue we have a government that does NOT CARE. I did appeal to the Governor, the attorney General and the Commissioner and got a nice "sorry can't help you" letter from all. Meanwhile I can pass a background check and he can't. So in my eyes and in the eyes of 2000 on facebook you let children be hurt. Our government allows this to happen. You care more about what happens in other countries than our own. Get rid of DCF do a review of the cases. All of them no matter what it costs because Duvals answer is give them smart phones..which is ludicrious. Our children matter more than anything else in this world and the only ones abusing them is Massachusetts DCF and the government of Massachusetts.