Cyber Crime has Real Victims

Cyber or Virtual Crime is out of control. Thousands are the targets of this type of crime daily and many become victims. Funding is required to set up a Central Office in each state that its targets and victims can easily report to via mail, fax, e-mail, and phone. The staff would have a section to gather information and organize it for trends and share with investigators, and a section with investigators who use technology to identify "virtual" criminals, contact businesses involved for information, and transfer information in connected state's offices for assistance with contacting the courts and law enforcement to have criminals prosecuted. summary of data collected and arrests and prosecutions would be shared other government agencies, with the news media, and with the public upon request. Officials in Congress and the President (Executive Branch) would draft laws supporting uniformity between states and cooperation between states with the courts and law enforcement. A clear but broad definition to include technologies not created yet shall be developed that these Central Offices shall assist with. They would make a formal request of the Uniform Law Commission in drafting an Act. The process started in the late 1980s and early 1990s to assist families in collecting child support from a deadbeat parent, which is still in place today, would be a good model to follow and use in implementing a program that takes cyber Crime seriously. Victims are real persons and they suffer emotional trauma, invasion of their privacy, terrible inconveniences, and substantial financial loss.