Currupt, cps

Cps falsify papers,caseworkers lie under oath, court appointed attorney's do not work for you,there is no help for people with out money to fight against the currupt system.the judge the childs attorney the court appointed attorney they are all currupt,in butler pa they do what ever they want and there seems to be nothing someone with out money can do,they have done more damage to a child who was already damaged by the life she had with her mother and they could care less,for some reason they keep asking for an insurance card so they can get money from it,the insurance card has not been given so they are keeping the child away from the family that loves her and wants her,seen her on 02/06/20 and she was very unhappy she wants to come home and they keep making up excuses, first they told her it was because her dad didn't take a drug test,mean while they never ask him to,on 02/06/20 they said it was because her dad hadnt visted her,well they want his insurance card and want him to go to family pathway for the visits with his other kids,he told them he has custody of his daughter they have know legal right to keep her and their is know reason why she cant come to her own home to visit with him and her siblings, he has no family plan order threw the court he has no child abuse /neglect charges they have know legal right to have her and his attorney does nothing to help him NOTHING!! He told the judge he wants an Administrative hearing and he has not gotten one.He was supposed to have a hearing on 02/06/20 but they just decided not to have it,told him his daughters attorney said she wasn't going home so did he want to take it to the higher court,because he had told them he wanted to take it up stairs because they were doing illegal practice and he thinks maybe the higher court judge won't be currupt.but i have know faith in that.i dont understand why or how these thing are allowed to happen,people with out money have no hope or chance fighting a currupt system!We need help getting her home where she belongs but we have no way of fighting it because its all about the money!this may seem like nothing compared to all the other problems out there but its everything to us,we want her HOME!
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