Credit Checks by Employers and Corporations

STOP credit checks without offering credit

During these hard economic times, citizens are having a hard enough time getting credit and employment as it is.

I believe that Employers and other such Corporations and businesses should not be allowed to check your credit unless credit of some kind is being offered.It is not right due to the way the economy is right now.People are losing there homes and jobs at record rates.Divorce rates are high and people are not able to make ends meet.

Employers asking for a credit check before employment makes it practically impossible for people struggling to land a good job.They say it is a way to judge the character of a person. How can that be true when things are like they are. People cant help it when they have been laid off or have went through tough times paying there bills during these times. Divorces can be a devistating thing for people as well. This causes bad credit due to the vigorous court battles in determination of what belongs to who.

Now if a business or employer are offering a chance for possible credit now or in the future, I could see why they would check your credit score.It should not be allowed to attack a persons credit report without offering some sort of credit to help that persons credit report in the future.

I personally have been denied good jobs due to my credit file. I have been trying to fix my past credit issues, however, this takes a lot of time, money, and patience. Most people, if there in my situation do not have the money to repair there credit file because they cant land a decent job due to the employer checking credit.If people had a good job then bills would be paid and credit would get better.

Any other business not offering credit should not be able to check the credit file either. Housing and automobile insurance should be allowed because they offer services and housing in trust that the tenant/ policy holder will pay there bill.