Create a Law for Reinstatement of Parental Rights after Termination in Every State

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The adoption and safe families act put a dollar sign on our children. As such, children are being unlawfully removed from parents due to false allegations and the promise of bonuses for successfully putting children up for adoption. Children are being made legal orphans. Children are placed in the system, some who are never adopted, when their own parents who never abused or neglected them would do anything to have them back. Give all children and parents who were unlawfully separated, who have been tormented and stripped of their family bonds, the right to petition a court for the return of their rights to be a family.

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Sep 17th, 2017
Someone from Oshkosh, NE signed.
Aug 5th, 2017
Diane M. from Allentown, PA signed.
Aug 5th, 2017
Diane M. from Jacksonville, FL signed.
Apr 3rd, 2017
Someone from Cleveland, OH writes:
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It's such a CRIME that these laws haven't changed already! Children have the RIGHT to be raised by their PARENTS instead of NON-PARENTS and PARENTS have a RIGHT to raise their children. ESPECIALLY when their is NO PROOF of them EVER causing any harm to their child and NEVER neglecting their child! It's absurd and OUTRAGEOUS that these courts ESPECIALLY in LAKE COUNTY OHIO JUVENILE COURT can give custody of a child who loves their father and has lost their mother .... to a non-parent/grandparent, who is NEGLECTING and ABUSING the child, when no neglect or abuse EVER happened while in custody of the FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courts can have photos of abuse of a child by a non-parent and testimony of this abuse by other people, yet the court refuses to give custody back to the father who NEVER did anything wrong to the child? GOD HELP THESE CHILDREN! Laws NEED to change .... and then JUDGES need to be held responsible for the removal of a child from their loving parent! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If more judges were made to pay the price for the wrongful removal of a child and for giving custody to a no-parent, then maybe this nonsense would STOP!!!!!
Mar 26th, 2017
Michelle A. from Pinehurst, TX signed.
Mar 21st, 2017
Someone from Oakland, CA writes:
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I need help!!! A few years ago I was tricked into signing away the rights to my daughter el dorado county took her from me saying I had a drug problem when I passed a blood drug test done by the hospital as the police watched I had nothing in my system but they had already taken my daughter into foster care. All my criminal charges were never even filed on bamecahse there was no evidence and my i laws picked up my daughter from Cps.. my lawyer at the time who was good friends with the Cps attorney did nothing in my defense. I was then made to believe that if I didn't sign her over to my In laws that she would become a ward of the state and be out in foster care while awaiting the states approval if they she could live with them. So instead of running the risk of my daughter going to foster. Are I signed her over. My inlaws told me after all the cps stuff was out of our life's they would give her back it's been over a year and still nothing now they are planning ontaken my daughter and moving out of the state this summer I need help and fast please
Mar 13th, 2017
Jessica S. from Louisville, KY writes:
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My daughter father raped me when i got pregnant with her and now the took my right from underneath me. I have never done nothing wrong for my rights to be taken. Im the victim in this. They put me in jail for child support so they could hurry up and adopt her. I wish someone could help me get het back.
Feb 28th, 2017
Susan T. from Brooklyn, NY signed.
Feb 14th, 2017
Someone from Byhalia, MS writes:
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I don't understand does Arkansas not allow the parent a 2nd chance to get the child back. That is just wrong. If the child was not abused or neglected then the child deserves to be with his or her parent or parents.
Feb 14th, 2017
Rhonda p. from Salem, WV writes:
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I agree it should be adopted I had 5 of mine taken and would love to have them home and would do whatever it takes to have it happen and I believe the ones who took part should be charged and made to suffer like they have made everyone else
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