CPS Retaliations

Good morning my name is Kanisha Erwin
My telephone number is 9809897730

In 2014 my son and I were injured due to medical malpractice and medical negligence. During delivery and birth.
My son suffers head injuries which doctors completely neglected to examine and diagnose. He also suffers from brachial plexus palsy. Which is paralyzed nerves from the spine to his arm.
When my son turned three years old I noticed that he couldn’t talk like other two year old children
I found out he was on a 8 month old speech level
He also has symptoms such as ear pains ear infections he beats the back of head where his head injury was located and sounds hurts his ears.
In 2017 I visited a retired doctor whom monitored my pregnancy, told me that my pregnancy was high risk and he said that I was supposed to be monitored for safety labor techniques
After I visit the doctor, Gaston county Child protective services came to my home and forced me to be drug tested by saying I was mentally insane for visiting the doctors
My case is a dependency case they don’t have any evidence of neglect nor abuse.
My children were taken out of retaliation and discrimination.
I have evidence that cps has been harassing me since 2014
Please help me get my children back and oppose or support my petition.
Thank you

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