Cps kills children, mentally and physically and aren't held accountable for their lies. Montmorency county, Michigan

Maelyn Wiedbrauk Should be imprisoned. She makes false reports and the supervisor above her, John Keller needs to be imprisoned also. I have no children. I have had enough of my heart ripped out watching parents and most of all, watching kids get sexually abused and being destroyed mentally. These two persons need to be investigated. Anyone in this county is in fear of them and no one will help. Well I am here to help these kids and families. I am watching a 6 year old fight for his life right now. It's an episode for 20/20. I will go to the media as well to fight to get these devil's out of their position. They care nothing of these children. This has been going on for years. Attorneys are afraid because they don't want to be disbarred and very this woman...are you kidding me. Someone needs to start this petition and stop the abuse of CPS workers and their direct supervisor. It's appalling.
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