CPS keeps taking my kids And lying to the court and saying that parents with disabilities can't parent their children which is not true they need to be stopped

My kids have never been abused and neglected cps been involved since 2014 to 2019 and not letting me get a chance to parent my kids at all its always negative that I'm doing burping wrong feeding issues changed diapers dressing my child emergency scenarios what to do in case of emergency knowing the ounces my child eats it's like everything I do is wrong and I'm tired of it I want a chance to parent my kids and I have been doing everything they tell me to do I passed parenting classes still doing counseling going to my kids doctor's appointments never missed a visit and the truth a matter is I felt I never got credit for everything I did for reunification and I kept a safe clean environment home that is completely safe clean and childproof my kids have everything they need diapers clothes hygiene stuff bed for them to sleep Medicine Doctor's office numbers emergency numbers and still haven't gotten my kids back home cps needs to bring my children home and stop playing around and not putting my children up for adoption and putting them in foster homes to begin with
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