Chelsea Strait and her another female worker by the last name Hatfield of Child Protective Services took my two children before anyone really knew the allegation.. She didn't come from school. I went to the bus stop to pick up my daughter and she was not on the bus as I sent her. I called the school to see where she was and I was told by the principal she was kept there by a CPS worker for me to get to the school. I had went to the school and no one knew why she was held there but the principal said there was an issue that involved child protective services she had called then and Miss straight and Miss Hatfield had Came and said that my child had told the guidance counselor that she had been touched inappropriately and it was a serious matter
She was released me and later on that evening CPS had went to where I was and said kids were being taken for 7 days, but it wasn't me or their stepfather at fault.. Their stepfather and I complied with everything. And still have no idea why our children were taken if we wasn't at fault...

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