CPS found me a fit parent after 2 years of doing everything and more when I made a mistake, now Family Court is giving guardianship to paternal abusive grandma bc "of my checkered past" even though since my CPS case closed my life has only improved for my

Please, someone listen to my desperate cries for help!! I have a 7 year old little girl who through the course of my active addiction led her into the care of her paternal grandmother at age 2. She has been back home living with me as the custodial parent, and her mom since she was 3, when i went above and beyond for CPS, as well as my recovery. Last year I suffered 2 miscarriages and was terribly depressed. My daughter was in kindergarten and because of her birthday in late September wasn't able to join kindergarten the year before by a week! So she went in to what's called Transitional Kindergarten, which is very similar.- in TK she thrived. In kindergarten I got her to school late too many times, as I was reeling from miscarrying twice but in counseling. Family court gave guardianship to the paternal grandma again in August 2019. I missed her 7th birthday, holidays & had to pay almost $100 an hour for a supervisor which went well!! The court is surpassing my daughter's attorneys, my own, and cps court and say because I have a checkered (years old!) Past, I lose my daughter. For good. Please, she has a happy home here with me and her step dad, she has her room and her kitty her hamster, her mom.....please, keep kids with their parents!! Send my baby home!
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