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Families are being abused by State CPS and Family Courts through out the United States of America, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed, Families that have had their civil rights violated through family court proceedings and the fact that all due process and constitutional rights are violated and manipulated by family court judges, District Attorneys, and Commissioners of /social services departments as well as CPS workers, and court appointed attorneys that are not working for the clients but have helped incriminate parents. Also of extreme interest, is obtaining names/phone/location of CPS workers who are falsifying or have falsified documents in court and who have lied in a court setting. The people of New York State and the People of the United States of America demand a full investigation of all departments, and the termination of department until further the people also wish to sue for government entrapment as well as a suit brought against the case workers, family court judges, and district lawyers. The People through discovery have found:

1. The imbalance of funding is creating corruption

2. Corruption has filtered through all manner of government and related agencies

3. Judicial decisions violate the public trust

4. Laws are created and passed that give parens patriae unlimited power not provided by the Constitution

5. The pendulum has swung to create a monopoly strategy of funding extracted from dwindling Social Services that have been set up to help families in need is devastating families across America

6. Children's lives are at stake while in the care of government funded agencies, such as rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, mental abuse, and statistics show our children are being killed while in government placements out side of the parental home/or close relatives

7. That the states are not following guidelines placing children with relatives but are screening them out using different criteria with foster families, or falsifying documents to entrap parents and not keeping the children in the home with parents but removing the children without due process or any true purpose other then to incriminate parents/family members and to insure family is unfit

8. That pockets of tyranny are going unchecked without recourse

9. Congress local government/ civil and family courts is not responsive to The People

10. That The People have been turned away from civil courts, and from family courts higher court of appeals, only to remain battered and bruised by the tyranny of these local government funded courts as the judges, case workers/commissioners and district attorneys mock the outraged parents and children of which they so willingly strip of their civil rights and liberties

The People are declaring a public health crisis and human rights violation as well as their Civil rights are being stripped and taken from them and their families, as a result of these above atrocities and also In addition, The People find the Parens Patriae to be more than a doctrine but a specialized position created by the government for the government that violates Article 1 Sec 9, 10: No title of nobility or honors shall be granted by the United States. The title extends to the courts, Childrens Administration and public education violating Amendment 14 depriving persons of life, liberty and property without due process. The position applies as a collective.

The People are ordering an investigation of the departments as well as Family courts through out the United States of America and most important in New York State the people of the United States ask that all family court files,case files, court tapes, and videos be put into the investigation, as well as there be a federal lockdown on all CPS and family courts so that no tampering of documents can be done by such agencies, the fact is family court documents will show the fact that they are mishandled and manipulated by these agencies to insure incriminating charges are inevitable and due process is not being carried out, civil rights are violated, all human rights are violated and the United States Constitution is not on the agenda of these agencies. And the people of the United States of America are being abused by these powers.

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1 hour ago
Sabrina H. from Warsaw, NY writes:
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Cps is saying that my husband sexual abuse our oldest daughter.Our oldest child and our youngest child are saying no that never happened.My husband has criminal charges on him for this.What is messed up.The grand jury that indicted my husband seen someone else's arrest record and heard someone from cps saying she steaks her job on it all being true.But we know our oldest daughter is still a virgin.It is hard to think that if my husband gets convicted he can get 25 years.
1 day ago
ireta Jo O. from Bowie, TX writes:
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Oh my so true, how about 4 of my granchildren being abused sexually and a massive cover up by CPS AMARILLO, TX 3 on the street from no mental treatment after the abuse. oh my please help me see that the children are treated for this abuse, PLEASE
1 day ago
Kira H. from Westby, WI writes:
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This is nightmare. I trusted CPS who offered respite care while I was in hospital for pregnancy complication....they filed Temp Custody and hearing was scheduled outside of 48 hours mandated by WI State Statutes; They claim they dont need to follow time frames in statutes.. We are in 3rd month without kids and not even at plea hearing. No one asked if we waive time limits. No way to get kids no safety plan, classes, etc. as no real accusation of neglect except to use anxiety and physical health as unstable. These are dx made my social worker. GAL is her friend and a person I know of long ago - didnt like eachother then. Judge retires in month and seems uninterested in case. Reside in very small town, poorest in state and everyone knows everyone. Relatives dismissed when asked for temp custody and told "not your responsibilty. Our 3 children are so dirty, hadnt hadnt brushed teeth until 7 weeks out at visit with us. They lost lot of weight and one is very sick now. I tried Assist DA in Vernon County, supervisors. No return calls. Only thing we told was we have oldet kids. (As in we can give couple kid away to anothet famiky.) "How can this happen?
2 days ago
Shawna F. from Crescent City, CA signed.
Jun 19th, 2017
Someone from Sidney, OH writes:
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I want my kids back i want cps away from my kids for good and using my past and disability against me and selling my kids for money
Jun 19th, 2017
Helen K. from Silver Springs, NY writes:
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My family has dealt with CPS in Florida 1983 and now in New York. As victims of our fathers brutal beating's and more, CPS purposely put our fathers prison sentence's in my brother's case, when he dealt with them. Now years later New York CPS discovered Florida did it and so they decided they were going to do the same. The investigator for the sheriff's department even blacked out the picture on the arrest record, so the people in the jury could not see it. That's like planting evidence to get a conviction. It's like I don't trust the law anymore because they are corrupt. Who can you trust?
Jun 18th, 2017
Gabriela L. from Sacramento, CA signed.
Jun 17th, 2017
Someone from San Jose, CA signed.
Jun 16th, 2017
Brandi B. from El Cajon, CA writes:
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A jail sentence does not make you a bad parent. I made poor choices but turned my life around and my child was adopted out in a closed adoption. C.P.S was falsifying documents and wouldn't look at my side of the family for permanent placement. I changed my life and only hope I have is that my son will look for me. C.P.S adopted him out saying he was special needs.
Jun 16th, 2017
Lorraine S. from Denver, CO writes:
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My children were removed and abused in the foster home THEY need to be held accountable