Cost of Living and Prayer

Dear Congress,
I am writing to you because the cost of living has gotten outrageous, we can not afford the gas prices or even food to eat. Everything has tripled. Crime will go up dramatically if people can not provide for their families. The Farmers are suffering because the prices for everything they need has dramatically increased. Food prices are the highest I have ever seen in my lifetime and I will be 70 in a few years. It is okay to help other countries but home should come first. First of all we should put prayer back in the schools to strengthen our country and it's needs. We get not because we ask not. We need to come together as a nation. Family is very important, our nation should be as one. We say one nation under God, yet we have not tried to come together to provide for and help one another. We should not have to suffer the way we are. This is supposed to be the country of plenty, yet we cannot even put food on our tables because everything has tripled. We need help! Thank you and God Bless!