Corruption in syracuse NY family courts

Falsified, forged, fraudulent court documents. Overwhelming proof of this and more. back room lies and deals made by attorneys. Court attorney and Arlene Bradshaw (Attorney for child) The ny website can also prove this. Not to mention none of the fraudulent documents have time and date stamps thru the clerks office. This is a ongoing thing, I have came across numerous others with same situations. I have been ignored by county officials.
I even have hours of recordings between my ex attorney Richard Bomabardo and I. You can clearly hear him multiple times getting caught in multiple lies, throwing my case, violating my civil rights and worst not presenting my case of my children’s mothers mental illnesses and unfit parenting. My children remain in danger when they are with her.

If you look at my Facebook post from December 2nd you can see a few video clips. (Michael Orbino)