Corrupt system in Texas

I am a grandparent in Bexar County Texas who was discriminated against by the Department of Family Services and their attorneys. They claim to be about keeping the children with family, yet DFPS did nothing for my 4 grandchildren on remaining with family. There was straight conflict of interest for the other party only. They stated I do not have the physical capability to take care of children. Yet I am not mobile, I am independent. In the state of Texas, sadly, grandparents have no rights, unless both parents are deceased or declared incompetent. At least every attorney I called or asked for advice stated that to me and if I try to fight DFPS, I will be setting myself up for failure. And once my daughter's rights are terminated, so are mine and there's nothing that can be done. This is not fair and I believe this law in Texas needs to be changed. There are plenty pro bono attorneys in Bexar County, but none that offer assistance in family law for low-income families. That, in my opinion, is discrimination of the people's rights. My goal today, is to see some changes in our system. Not just for myself, but for other families in situations like mine.