Conservatorship scandal

I reported to the probate court during a second accounting that my mom was no longer capable to be conservator to my aunt her sister. The Stanley mosk court LA. has allowed the attorneys to continue and get paid out of my aunts saving’s. Now with the CAC who’s pushing narratives to get paid out of the account as well. I had my aunt at home set up for hospice with round the clock nurses. Because I petitioned to remove my mom the courts taking advantage of this situation gauging my aunts savings. I’ve already petitioned for conservatorship in a different court and now they’re trying to pull it together. The judge has been waiting for an updated accounting since November 2021. Giving the responsibility to my dementia mom and my 39 year addict/ felon brother who doesn’t live here. I also made reports of his manipulation of my mom to sell the property for his gain. I don’t think the judge read my petition because he has let me present my case. He speeds up my time and allows the attorneys more time, continuance, and mor money. The purpose is to not sale our family home. The CAC is very aggressive and rude to me. After I reported my mom and brother who abused my aunt. The CAC told me APS/CPS is a joke. He isn’t a good representative for my aunt. I don’t want to be heard by this judge he is BIASED and has allowed the Second Accounting to be stretched out for 1year while the attorneys take my aunts savings. I need to recuse this judge 79 Stanley mosk, I feel unsafe and im not being heard. I want my Aunt to come home in her last days. That was her wish but the the courts taking her money my kids and I will be tossed on the streets for their benefits. It’s judges like this that contributes to the homelessness in AMERICA.