Stop DOJ and DOD USA Torture and Spying on Americans

Honorable Senator and Rep:
Mr. President:

The Watchlist comprises only Categories 1 & 2 of the Terrorist Sceening Database (TSDB). A secret Blacklist comprising 97% of the TSDB names, is illegally maintained under the TSDB, using Categories 3, 4, & 5. We insist that you investigate this secret blacklist, which is devoid of authorization by Congress or Presidential Directive, and impacts the lives of many U.S. citizens and violates Constitutional rights every day.

Note that the TSDB has never been used to stop a terrorist event (per FBI Agent sworn testimony). Also note that 3 year-old children have been placed on the TSDB, as "suspected terrorists."

See the website for details of the technology being used, when you are placed on the TSDB. Senator Ron Johnson can confirm this is real.

As you already know, the DOJ and DOD created a whistleblower retaliation and discredit program that has operated for decades and everyone looks the other way due to themselves being compromised. See Sec of Defense John Deutch and AG Janet Reno 1994 MOU that is renewed every 5 years covertly. See DOD Directive 5240.1. Also see DOD Directive 3321.1 and police gangstalking, military gangstalking,freemason gangstalking and government contractors gangstalking.
They are covertly signing up anyone who hurts their feelings, stands up to communist agendas or blows whistle on fraud and corruption in local, state and federal government to become guinea pigs for medical research and military training designed to punish the whistleblower. They are using Remote Neural Monitoring, Brain Computer Interface, Neuralink, Palantir Predictive Policing, Wireless Body Area Networks, Holographic eye lenses, eye camera implants, ear microphone implants, microwave hearing, microwave chip body implants placed in glands organs and joints, and their No Touch Torture body implants, and other wireless electronic implants to spy, torture and murder Americans inside USA. They use radio frequencies to activate implants and to track their targets. The DOJ and DOD contract out these "hits" on targets. They give local and state police money and resources to go along with these programs. They bully doctors, hospitals and dentists to go along with these programs or face financial ruins. Shutdown fusion centers.
This has been my experience, my understanding and my research on these issues. I am a victim of rogue FBI agents that had me watch listed and black listed. See FBI Cointelpro and CIA MK Ultra. See the Congressional Hearing by Frank Church in 1975 about these same issues. These cowards collude with your medical care providers to get you in the hospital to be put to sleep so government contractors can implant the wireless electronics used to spy and discredit you. Its all based on lies, denies and plausible denials. Stop the FISA abuses and NDAA abuses to target Americans in the USA. They are not looking at foreign actors. Its all a big lie to target you and me. Repeal the Patriot Act. It violates our US Constitution. Its a dirty secret in law enforcement that if you make them mad or report their corruption that you get put on the Terrorists Screening Database Watch list to be spied , harassed , tortured, murdered by local, state, federal authorities and military authorities and their contractors. See how satellites and drones sre being used to spy and torture everyday citizens in the USA with various electronic payloads on board.

Introduced in House (10/02/2001)
Space Preservation Act of 2001 - Reaffirms U.S. policy that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes.
Directs the President to: (1) ban U.S. space-based weapons and remove from space any existing U.S. weapons; (2) terminate research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and deployment of all such weapons; and (3) direct the U.S. representatives to the United Nations and other international organizations to work toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing a world agreement banning space-based weapons.