Conjugal visits for prisoners in Oklahoma.

Conjugal visits are beneficial to the whole family.

Conjugal visits would give prisoners an incentive to stay out of trouble. I believe prisoners would have something to look forward to, and they will think twice about doing anything to jeopardize their visits. I believe the visits would promote healthy families, and to keep the prisoner's children from following in their footsteps. This would show the children the inside and the outside of prison life. The children would also get to bond with their other parent and learn from him/her. Instead of the children being told not to do something they would be able to see "why" they shouldn't follow his/her path to a life of crime. The conjugal visits could also strengthen the marital bond. Overall summary of conjugal visits could decrease divorce rates, give prisoners an incentive to want to get out of prison, to build family structure, and possibly decrease adolescent crimes.
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