Congressional Hearings on Corruption in Courts; U.S. Constitution Denied to Pro'se Litigants / Average Citizens

Cleaner courts will lead to cleaner government, better protection for us all!

Dear Congress,

Please conduct congressional hearings on the corruption in our courts, state and federal. You can begin with the cases posted on

Congress is doing very little to address this out-of-control corruption. Everywhere, private citizens are being injured and then denied due process of law whenever they file grievances against corporations or governmental agencies. At, the various cases show that state and federal courts are operating a quiet, illegal policy of denying due process to average citizens.

This problem is undermining the stability of our nation, where citizens are routinely denied access to state and federal Constitutions. Because it is natural for humans to hunger for justice, many of these cases linger in the courts for years at the expense of taxpayers. And naturally, those judges don't care about this waste of community resources, even in this economic downturn.

Congress has the constitutional duty of correcting this problem, to protect citizens by responding to the lingering complaints of wrongs and injuries that we are sustaining from corporations and governmental agencies. -- Glenn Beck at FoxNews-TV says, "This whole system is corrupt. You cannot talk about fixing healthcare until [you] clean-up the corruption."

Thank you!