Congress works free during Government Shutdowns

Why does Congress get their checks when thousands from federal workers doesn't

We are all people and so is the Congress. Then why is it when they want to place a "Government Shutdown" thousands of Federal Workers goes unpaid while they are able to make their bills. Our Military that is on active duty needs to be funded to protect all of us. Congress whine over laws that may or not make any sense.

It still doesn't make sense that thousands has to suffer due to the Government can not play nice. This Doesn't matter if you are for or against Obamacare but about the ones who suffer that didn't call for the the "Government Shutdown" so why does these Americans have to suffer. It is not right or fair. These workers have bills also.

Come Rally with me. I bet if their checks where in jeopardy they would never call a "Government Shutdown" because they want to act like 5 yrs old and is not getting their way.

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