Congress\' salaries should be cut for each day of the Federal Shutdown.

Pay cuts for Congress during Federal Shutdown

We the People feel that for each day the Federal Government has been shutdown and continues to stay shutdown, each Congress person (House of Representative and Senate) and their office staff should have their calculated hourly pay cut in half. If a Congress person earns $40 an hour, then they should only receive $20 as their hourly pay for each day of the shutdown.

We the People feel each elected Congress person and their staff should have to participate and be a part of each and every federal program. Their insurance should come from the Federal Marketplace, it should be mandated they receive the same retirement benefits and pay into Social Security as regular government employees due and once their term in Congress ends, they should no longer receive a Congressional salary.

Additionally, We the People feel Congress should not have the ability to vote on their own raise or cost of living. The citizens of each State should have the right to vote on whether or not their Congress person should receive a raise or cost of living.

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