Congress Must Live Under the LawsThey Create!

Congress must live under the laws they create!

We the people of the United States of America are sick and tired of Congress being above the law! According to the Constitution YOU work for US!

Effective immediately, Congress MUST abide by all past, present, and future laws passed by this Congress or any other legislative or executive branch of our government to include:

1) Congress shall no longer have separate health insurance but shall be REQUIRED to participate in the Public Option of Obamacare with NO EXCEPTIONS! You passed this disaster! You should have to suffer right along with the rest of us!

2) All members of Congress MUST begin paying into Social Security on January 1, 2011 with the understanding that they WILL NEVER be eligible to draw out one single dime - NEVER!

3) Effective immediately there is a pay freeze on all Congressional Pay. NO RAISES EVER until the budget is balanced! NO reimbursements for travel or meals - NOTHING! YOU ARE OVERPAID as it is - DEAL WITH IT LIKE THE REST OF US!

4) You MUST start to cut spending immediately!

The only exception should be for Defense Spending - we have two wars going on and YOU NEED TO SECURE OUR BORDERS!

Veterans - these people put there lives on the line for this nation - don't even think about cutting here!

And finally, Social Security and Disability, our government forced us to pay this money! They told us it was in a trust fund! What is the name and account number for that trust fund? The government needs to honor that promise for all seniors, disabled people, and those about to retire! This is a disgrace and the biggest PONZI SCHEME ever - but you took our money - LEAVE THEM ALONE!

START CUTTING HERE: The first cut should be all executive appointments and CZARS! They are simply a way to bypass Congressional Hearings - fire them all! The second cut should be every personal assist save one party planner for the First Lady. She does not need 27 assistants-Ridiculous!

5) Serving one term in Congress DOES NOT mean that you will get a taxpayer funded pension for the rest of your natural life! You pass these ridiculous laws creating burdens on the American People - YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BURDEN US EVER AGAIN! NO MORE PENSIONS FOR CONGRESS! NEVER AGAIN!

6)IF YOU DON'T PAY YOUR TAXES - YOU GO TO JAIL JUST LIKE WE WOULD! If you get arrested for a felony YOU GO TO JAIL JUST LIKE THE REST OF US WOULD and you immediately lose your seat regardless of the outcome of your trial. We the people are tired of being represented by tax cheats, whore-mongers, adulterers, and people with no morals whatsoever! If you do it and you get caught you are out.

We the people are watching and the 2012 election is just around the corner! We are tired of Congress passing laws that do not apply to them. If you pass it - you WILL LIVE UNDER IT JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!