Congress MUST ACT to reign the President In!

Dear Rep./Senator:

The fact that Trump has cut off all aid to Palestine is reprehensible enough, but in a matter of days, he intends to "gift" ownership of the West Bank (which Israel calls Judea and Samaria) to apartheid Israel. The U.S. has long considered these areas under belligerent occupation. Trump has no right, as he does not own them, to gift any Palestinian land.

He has done enough with his unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Jerusalem, the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and "gifting" Israel with the Syrian Golan Heights illegally.

Mr. Trump should be publicly rebuked by the Congress for his illegal "gifts" to Israel and all aid to the Palestinians should be immediately restored.

I believe it is time to reconsider all defense aid to Israel as it is being used to harm civilians and to maintain a decades-long illegal occupation.

Additionally, it is unconscionable that, at a time of a global pandemic, President Trump spouts horrendous misinformation and keeps crippling sanctions against countries that are fighting this plague. This president needs to be reigned in and Congress needs to immediately step up.

Congress has numerous political tools it can use in battles with the executive branch—appropriations, legislation, nominations, and impeachment.

Congress can always pass legislation that confines the president’s discretion.

Many constitutional scholars believe that the viability of our system of separated powers is in great peril. The 2020 election may be all that’s left of presidential oversight and this is a frightening reality! I wholeheartedly agree!

Thank you for your time and your reply is greatly appreciated.


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