Congress do the job of representing the good of the people, as you were elected to do.

We, the People of the United States of America, have grown tired of the bickering and child-like behavior of our Congress. We also are annoyed and disgusted that our American Government is consistently being held hostage by Congress and that, as a result, our Federal Budged remains unapproved, and many Federal Employees become furloughed. This Furlough equates to an extended paid vacation due to the fact that these Federal Employees receive their wages at the end of the Congressional fight. We no longer feel that the US Congress is aware of, or in touch with, the wishes and needs of the US Citizen. Therefore, we are petitioning the US Congress as follows:

WE DEMAND that members of Congress act and speak in a respectful manner towards ALL members of other branches of the US Government and IMMEDIATELY cease and desist all media blitzes discrediting other Government Officials.

WE DEMAND that all members of Congress follow their Oath of Office by defending, protecting and abiding by the US Constitution.

WE DEMAND that all members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives cease and desist in placing their political agenda, and personal views, ahead of the needs of the Citizens of these United States.

WE DEMAND that our Boarders in the South be secured with a forty-foot barrier of either concrete walls or metal barriers, without further delay.

WE DEMAND that the Federal Budget be approved immediately, and that it includes funding to build, maintain and provide human supervision for the security of Border Barriers, as well as an immediate de-funding of Sanctuary Cities.

WE DEMAND that two Federal Judges (of the People's choosing) be immediately dispatched to the conjoining Boarders of Mexico, Texas and Arizona. The only duties of these two judges are to adjudicate those petitions for amnesty and determine that those wanting to immigrate across our boarders are in compliance with United States Laws concerning such immigration.

WE DEMAND that, in the future, Members of Congress abide by the dictates of the Federal Fiscal Year that begins on October 1 of every year. Since Congress has several months to debate, it is prudent and in good business and economic form for the Congress to have the Federal Budget approved, and in place prior to October 1 of each year, so that the US Government can run efficiently and in an appropriate business-like manner.

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