Congress Help our nations, Animal rescues become NO-KILL By Requiring Government Responsibility

This petition is designed to help STOP the killing insanity that is happening in our nations animals shelters by implementing mandatory government financial support of spay and neutuering programs nation wide.

I believe that it is time that our FEDERAL government be required to address the heinous mass murdering of animals taking place in our community shelters in America. I believe that it is our governments responsibilty to help implement laws that directly address this growing problem. I believe that the government of my county, my state and my nation should be required by law to make every reasonable effort to stop this killing. The only way to do that is by requring local governments to fund mandatory low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter programs. Our government does little to nothing to address the problem yet they allow law enforcement to prosecute individuals and workers who run under funded shelters when many times, they are the only ones in their communities doing anything at all. How do you criminalize acts of kindness when these people are taking on a job that is infact a GOVERNMENT and other organizations responsiblity. After all isnt that why we donte BILLIONS of dollars to animal rescue in this nation? To SAVE lives? Save does NOT mean kill to a normal human being. Many times these small community rescue people are working for free and paying thousands of dollars out of their own pockets to care for these animals! Our own government has not faced up to its responsibility by properly funding and staffing these shelters, yet you criminalize the actions of caring people. How many of you would do what we do everyday for little or no pay knowing the risk we take just for caring? You allow "the law" and these national sized corporations who run rescues for profit to assault us for our acts of kindness because we choose NOT TO KILL? How insane is that? Just because we cant afford to build 10 million dollar facilites like some of these groups doesn't mean we dont care.. Most of the time we are over whelmed by the mere numbers and more importantly, because there are so few of us who do actually care enough to get our hand dirty. Most of the time our government does little to nothing to directly address what is happening. Most local governments don't even provide minimal funding to stop the outrageous growing problem of pet over population unless by provide you mean they finance mass killing in their city pounds. If the government along with these national rescue groups who have ROUTINELY taken in tens and hundreds of millions of dollars a years for decades ( yet continue to kill) REALLY want to HELP SAVE LIFES spread some of those hundreds of millions a year donations and around to help provide these groups with some kind of funding so that they can try to spay, neuter and home some of these animals instead of sitting on hundreds of millions in stock assets, realestate, pension funds while paying their CEO's multiple hundred thousand dollar a year salaries and perks After all, SAVING LIVES is why the American people have routinely donated "fortunes" to these groups for decades. We didn't donate this money to be used as "assault" funding to work against rescue workers and shelters. My train of thought has always been, when you take a mans dogs (or other rescue organization) and you tell people that you are "saving animals", it is your MORAL, ETHICAL and HUMANITARY AND LEGAL obligation to see that those animals are cared for properly and homed. In my opinion you dont have a LEGAL choice as to whether you want to take care of those animals or not, IT IS YOUR LEGAL DUTY.. After all, arent you telling the world thats what you are doing? When you tell ME that you are "rescuing or saving puppy mill dogs, that implies to ME that you are CARING FOR AND HOMING THEM.. Not mass killing them and dumping them like yesterdays trash. We donated this money TO HELP THESE REAL RESCUERS SAVE LIVES. That is what the money should be used for. We donated that money because we wanted these animals SAVED. NOT killed, gassed, incinerated and dumped in landfills. THIS IS HENIOUS. According to statistics that I have read on more than several sites, Americans now kill a LOW estimated 4 to 5 MILLION shelter animals every year in this nation. Some university research that I have read suggest this number could be as high as 12 MILLION. Doesn't that make you sick to your very soul? Its not like we are killing these animals for food or necessity either as they do in other nations. We are killing these animals because we as nation are too lazy to combat this problem at its core. We dont want to face our ETHICAL responsiblity and care for these animals so its easier to just kill. It certainly isn't because people don't donate enough money to do things differently. Think about it like this. Say we kill 6 MILLION shelter animals a year. Thats adds up to 164,383 "rescued" animals killed EVERY DAY in the United States of America while we tell people "its the humane, ethical thing to do". 6849 needless deaths per hour. 114 per minute.. Nearly TWO KILLS PER SECOND of needless animal killing. That my friend is killing INSANITY. All of this killing continuously happening for decades while the people of this nation donate BILLIONS of dollars to these large corporate animal rescues because they have been led through commericalization to believe that they are using that money to "save puppy mill raid dogs".. You can't convince me for a second that if those billions of "kill dollars" were properly spent to implement preventitive programs that we could not have made a huge dent in remedying this problem by now. Some of these larger national groups take in some 40-100 MILLION dollars a year EACH in the name of "animal rescue/ animal rights", yet little to none of that money goes to spay and neuter programs comparatively. It is ridiculous! Think of that kind of money on a national level. From what I have read in my research I would guess that "animal rights" takes in more money in the name of "rescue" in THIS NATION to save animals than the bulk of most other nations combined. Its the ugly truth. Those untold billions have done very little to alleviate the mass shelter killing happening daily in American city pounds and shelters. We know its true. The problem is, that money is NOT well spent.

How can we really stop this killing without addressing the problem at its root? We can't. This is why I am asking my government and leaders for passage of a MANDATORY SPAY AND NEUTER PROGRAM to be implemented in every county in every state of this nation. I am tired of picking up stray dogs and animals off the roads. Do you know that some estimates state that the UNITED STATES, the most HUMANITARY NATION on the planet spends around TWO BILLION dollars a year KILLING UNWANTED ANIMALS? Does THAT say anything to you? TWO BILLION DOLLARS.. That has GOT to get your attention. If it doesn't then there is something morally wrong with you. I'm tired of picking up litters of sickly puppies that people dump on the side of my road and trying to care for them and then people complain, call me a hoarder, want to see me in jail because I love animals and don't want to see them murdered and dumped like trash.. I love animals as much as anyone on this planet but people like me can't do it alone. Not without funding. Not without preventative measures taken nationally You people sitting behind your desk apparently do not understand where many of those 4-12 MILLION animals are ending up. If there are as many in my rural area as I see wandering everyday, then there has to be literally millions roaming and breeding on the streets and in the woods. I have no doubt. If my area is symptomatic of what is happening all over this nation, then we are in a state of ANIMAL EMERGENCY! This problem has become epidemic. You people are completely blind to what is happening. If I had the resources to do so, I believe I could literally pick up a half dozen to a dozen stray dogs and cats everyday on my own in just a short radius of my home.. This has to stop. The Federal and local governments should be willing to do their part in helping to financially subsidize awareness programs and implement laws that would require our local governments to fund programs to see to it that these animals are spayed or neutered so that this problem doesn't continue to grow. In the long run, by the implementation of this one act of kindness, it would actually no doubt save the taxpayers of this nation countless millions of dollars each year that we now spend killing millions of unwanted animals. This is an epedimic sized problem that has GOT be addressed. We rescuers and animal lovers are not just some fruitcake animal extremist. We are concerned individuals who are facing this major problem everyday and we see no end to the growing number of animals that we are trying to care for. The greater portion are being killed and thrown out like garbage. We are a SICK nation for allowing this to continue to happen! With the economic woes that this nation is now facing the problem can and will only get worse unless we appropriately address it now. Ask yourself this. "If I had to go to work in one of these mass euthanizing shelters, be the one who had to choose which of these animals would be killed EVERY DAY, then personally be the one to kill them and watch thousands of these HOMEABLE animals die, would THAT make me care?" It is a sick, nausating feeling for me to even think about. I don't know how these people sleep at night. I am not blaming them. It's not their fault that we as a nation have allowed this to happen by our uncaring actions. It's not these shelter workers fault that our government does nothing of any real magnitude to alleviate this problem. I'M BLAMING YOU! MY GOVERNMENT ON EVERY LEVEL. We all know how it works though. The shelter workers and caring people of this nation are the ones who always get prosecuted and blamed for their acts of kindness.

Require our local government officals to go down to their community shelter and watch the mass euthanazia taking place EVERY SINGLE DAY. I believe in my heart that if they did it would make them care enough to want to see this situation change. It is easy to shut your eyes to a problem when YOU are not the one who has to see and actually DO the killing everyday. The problem is not just going to go away. You can't keep ignoring this like it is not happening. Its getting worse EVERY SINGLE DAY. Think about it. MILLIONS of animals being killed year after year for decades to be dumped in landfills like garbage, incinerated like trash, and according to some, even ground into processed animal feed. It's nothing less than heinous and irresponsible. Even more than that to me, this henious behavior gives me a nauseating feeling to my very soul when I have to believe that the American government and many people care so little for life of ANY kind that we literally treat it like trash.

WE are asking that our government MAKE IT MANDATORY BY PASSAGE OF LAW that every governing body in this nation be required to provide the citizens in their area with FREE or LOW COST spay and neutering. It's the only REAL humane and ethical thing to do. More importantly we all know that this is the ONLY way to stop the insane mass killing happening in this nation today. The United states is supposed to be the most "humanitarian" HUMANE nation on the planet.

I am not trying to fight against humane and ethical breeding. I am not "anti-farming". I am asking for truthful awareness advertising campaigns and programs that directly address this problem at its roots in our communities. WE have got to combat this problem through awareness campaigns. Campaigns that tell the public the truth about where the greater portion of these animals are really coming from. If you would just look up the data you would know that most of these animals are NOT the product of breeders. Most of these animals infact the product of irresponsible pet owners who allow their animals to roam and breed and then they dump them off on the streets or on already over crowded shelters to deal with. If you dont believe me, go to your local pound and look at the animals there. There is a rare pure breed among them. I know because I have done rescues for years and have gone to many shelters and personally looked or called myself. Theres not a shelter on this planet that will tell you that these animals are "breeder stock". They are 90+++ percent mixed breed mutts.. They are the product of individuals who were too lazy to spay and neuter. We are misleading the public for donations. And NO, I do NOT support an "unethical breeder" or animal abusing operation. I support the TRUTH. If we dont tell people THE TRUTH, the problem will never end. The fact is, there is not ONE SOURCE that I have found in several years of research that substantiates in any way the claims that breeders can account for more than 10-15% of animals born each year in the USA. If you would just take the time to look you would also know these animals are not the ones ending up in these shelters. Breeders don't raise "mutts" and our shelters are FULL of mixed breed mutts. I personally can't even substantiate those numbers and statistics that I have read on line from my personal experience or from my visits to and contact with more than several shelters. I have RARELY rescued a "pure breed" dog in my life. Most of them are not even half-breeds, they are mongrels. Mixed breed "mutts".. TRUTH is the key.

One things for certain. As a nation we are not leading by example. We mass kill as many or many times more than any other nation on the planet from what Ive read in my research. We are not even killing for food. We are killing because we are too lazy as a nation to do the right thing. Many instances the billions we donate each year are going to everything but where it should be. It should be going to directly address this over population problem by preventative measures. We all know the right thing is to SPAY AND NEUTER. KILLING is NOT humane and there certainly is nothing ethical about it either. The problem is not getting any better. You, our government, is the only entity that has the power and ability to confront this problem to any degree that can truely make a difference. We need your help on this one. Its way over due. More importantly mans best friend and his counterparts need your help.

Literally hundreds of millions of animals have been killed waiting on you to addressed this problem in an appropriate, sizable manner. Senseless mass killing is NOT humane nor is it ethical. Its certainly not ethical when the people of this nation donate BILLIONS of dollars, their time and hard work each year in their efforts to do their part while our governments do so little.

Maybe its time that our government does what the compassionate people of this nation want for once. Stop financing killing and start financing REAL ETHICAL and HUMANE animal rescue. Help fund these rescues in their efforts so that they can heal, spay, neuter and HOME these animals instead of leaving these people on their own while having to do your dirty work with minimal resources so that they have to kill because you, our leaders, don't have enough compassion to combat this problem at its core. STOP the KILLING. STOP telling people that KILLING is humane and ethical. Start teaching people that humane and ethical means "to save lives". Theres is NOTHING humane about mass killing healthy animals when we have the resources to stop this. Killing is KILLING. It is not "humane, it is NOT ethical", it is NOT any of those "plug words" that suck up millions in donation dollars every year. Words that some of these groups use to try to substantiate their reasons for MASS KILLING and many times doing so while taking in tens of millions in excess rescue dollars every year. Killing is UGLY no matter how you do it. Maybe you should go down to your local shelter one day and witness how its done. I bet you wouldnt think it was so "humane or ethical" then.. I guarantee you if 99+% of you witness ONE homeable animals life being snuffed out for no good reason as tens of thousands are everyday in the USA, everyone of you that has any kind of heart would want this to change. It is NOT humane, Particularly when you have been given MORE than adequate resoruces to do differently. We are not a third world nation. We are the United States of America. We preach humane and ethical, but as of late we certainly are not leading by example. Please do your part in helping to stop mass killing. It is the moral, ethical and humane thing to do.