Congress Failure

American families are hurting, and the market trends are erasing family savings – and hope – across the nation.

Joe Biden thinks he has become the "new" FDR and has created multitudes of planned disasters to implement left wing radical changes like the The Green New Deal which is modeled in part after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which was a large federal program designed to stabilize the economy and recover from the Great Depression. The Green New Deal focuses on tackling climate change, which is why he killed the oil industry and spending billions on solar and wind energy. Nuclear is 2 times the energy capacity of natural gas and 4 times more reliable than wind and solar plants. It is sustainable, green, and renewable.(1) So why did we spend so many trillions of dollars on intermittent energy that requires full-time back up natural gas and nuclear anyway? Biden's Green Deal and wokish equity plan are actually destroying the economy.

Joe Biden couldn’t destroy the economy this spectacularly by accident. Destruction of our food processing centers, failure of supply chains, open borders, sending our money and weapons to Ukraine, proposing higher taxes, driving up interest rates, and sabotage of our railways and countless illegal executive orders and high inflation policies forcing economic change appear to be really designed to destroy American wealth and reduce the population. Given that Biden’s policies are nearly all driven by Executive Order, you, the Congress, are squarely to blame.

The Executive Branch couldn’t achieve this American downfall if the Legislative Branch were serving as a check and balance against it. Biden has assumed Congressional powers since signing 17 proclamations on his first day in office. He has actually become a dictator.

Congress, rather than protect against the overreach of the Executive Branch, has engaged in more expensive and illegitimate investigations of the former President and his supporter and Jan 6 investigations. Essentially, Congress has delegated its power to Joe Biden’s pen. Now that the House has Republican control there needs to be accountability, justice and indictments and convictions on all violations of the oath of office.

That is a dereliction of duty and violation of your oath.

We know you’re all watching the market plunge to its lowest levels since before Biden assumed office. If there is one thing you insider traders watch, it’s the markets.

Americans’ confidence and trust in their government has also plunged to the lowest levels since before Biden took office.

Examine your role in that, and remember your oath.

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Impeach Biden and remove Joe Biden from office immediately.