congical visits

To many of our men are locked up and their wifes have no children and dont want to cheat.

Hello im speaking on the behalf of myself and other young women like me i want to get a bill passed to have congical visits in missouri prisoners for those who are already married and commited to their husbands and dont have any children because they have been seperated for a long period of time or medical conditions prevented them from having children while their husbands where out on the streets or just to keep every thing right in gods eyes and not commit adultery.

its a tough job being the person on the outside supporting the prisoner. I think this answer is also included in some earlier answers but here it is again. i got it from wikipedia and it seems fairly up to date.

'Over the last 40 years, most new prisons included special buildings specifically designed for "Sunday visits." Today, conjugal visitation programs, also known as the Extended Family Visit, survive in only six states: California, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York and Washington.

In June 2007, California's Department of Corrections announced it would allow same-sex conjugal visits. The policy was enacted to comply with a 2005 state law requiring state agencies to give the same rights to domestic partners that heterosexual couples receive. The new rules allow for visits only by registered domestic partners who are not themselves incarcerated. Further, the domestic partnership must have been established before one of the partners was incarcerated I believe that missouri shouldnt be the last state to receive everything its time to make a change a step up to the plate we all should have equal rights when it come down to our husbands if the president is incharge of the united states then one state shouldnt have something another state can its only but fair.