Support the Kildee-Bilirakis bipartisan resolution on Sudan (H.Res 432).

As you read this petition, the infamous Janjaweed militia who committed crimes against humanity in Darfur, are roaming the streets of Khartoum terrorizing the unarmed Sudanese people breaking into their homes, raping women at gun point and shooting whoever expresses any resistance.
The peaceful demonstrations against Omar Al-Bashir 30 year dictatorship started in mid-December 2018 and continued for nearly 4 months. At least 60 peaceful protesters, most of them are college and high school students were killed mostly by paramilitary forces. Despite the violence, the demonstrations grew in numbers exceeding two millions on April 6, 2019 and staged a sit-in in front of the army headquarters demanding protection by the army and forcing the army to side with the people. On April 11, a within-palace coup took place and Bashir’s Security Council took power as a transitional military council (TMC) and promised transfer of power to a civilian transitional government. Unfortunately, the TMC resisted such a transfer for fear of prosecution of Bashir regimen members, fear of prosecution of TMC own members and other reasons including conflicting interests of regional powers. TMC is not recognized as a legitimate ruler of Sudan and has been urged to transfer power to a civilian government formed by the Declaration of Freedom and Changes Forces, an umbrella organization of opposition groups that led the uprising. This has been the position of the African Union, The European Union and the United States.
On May 29, 2019, TMC delegated one its members (General Mohamed Daglo, known as Hemeti) who is the head of Rapid Support Forces (RSF, formerly known as Janjaweed militia) to disperse the sit-in. Beforehand, the government expelled members of international media and shut down the internet. Within a couple of hours, the heavily armed RSF militia members killed over 108 unarmed protesters and injured nearly a thousand. An unknown number of the bodies were tied to rocks and thrown into the Nile. Thus far, 40 bodies were recovered. The militia even attempted to enter the major hospital that received most of the casualties with the purpose of ‘finishing them off”, however, this was resisted by brave unarmed hospital staff and the operation was aborted.
The Janjaweed militia then spread throughout Khartoum and are roaming the streets of Khartoum killing unarmed civilians and raping women. These atrocities are identical to what this group did against tribes of African origin in Darfur in 2003. These are well-known unspeakable ethnic crimes for which the deposed president Omar Al Bashir and several others are still wanted by the ICC. The same crimes are now committed against people of all ethnicities in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The country is virtually shut-off from the world with very few videos and pictures reaching the media via satellite internet service and phones.
The people of Sudan are continuing their peaceful revolution led by the Declaration of Freedom and Changes Forces who declared a general strike and civil disobedience.
We strongly urge you to support the Kildee-Bilirakis bipartisan resolution on Sudan (H.Res 432) condemning the atrocities being committed by the Transitional Military Council and demanding the immediate end of Janjaweed militia actions and the immediate transfer of power a civilian-led transitional government formed by the Declaration of Freedom and Changes Forces.

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